WT Brookshire Hall

Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy

W.T. Brookshire Hall

W.T. Brookshire Hall is the home of the College of Pharmacy and is named after W.T. Brookshire, the founder of Brookshire Grocery Company. In April 2014, a ground breaking ceremony was held to mark the official start of the construction. Since that time, the building has truly grown from its foundation to the three-story, $26.5 million, spacious W.T. Brookshire Hall.

The building is specifically designed to encourage student-faculty interaction, support the college's innovative teaching methods, and include a variety of student-centered classroom and study spaces.

Facilities within W.T. Brookshire Hall include:

  • Team-Based Learning Classrooms
  • Student Study Areas
  • Model Pharmacy and Compounding Laboratory
  • Student Lounge
  • Wireless Printing
  • Research Labs
  • Covalent Café

Night view of Brookshire Hall Main Entry

Aerial View Brookshire Hall