Safety Information

Safety Information

Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy

UT Tyler Emergency Communications: This UT Tyler emergency website will be updated with the most current information available, as well as details and instructions.

RAVE Patriot Guardian Application: Allows individuals to quickly contact university police in cases of an emergency by phone call or text, and you can use the app to dial 9-1-1 when you are off campus. This free app is available through your mobile app store – download the RAVE Guardian, which will then personalize to the UT Tyler and appear as Patriot Guardian. Allows you to 1) make an emergency call to police and 2) report a crime in progress or suspicious activity. Other features include:

  • Safety timer – set a timer from five minutes up to 24 hours so that if you have not reached your destination and deactivated the timer, university police will be alerted.
  • GPS location – using your profile information, university police will be able to reach you and make sure you are safe.
  • Guardians – you may designate friends, roommates or family to be your guardian during your safety timer session.
  • Emergency call button – allows direct and immediate contact to campus police, including GPS location and user profile information.
  • User profile – provides campus police with as much, or as little, information as you wish to submit, including current location, medical conditions, addresses and photo. This data isn't shared with police until activation occurs either by call, text or expired safety timer.

PatriotALERT Emergency Notification Service:PatriotALERT is the official emergency notification service for UT Tyler. It is a mass notification system comprised of email, voice and text messaging that is designed to send emergency messages to all UT Tyler students, faculty and staff in minutes. It supplements existing means of emergency communication, including the outdoor warning system and severe weather alert radios.

Emergency Information (Flip Charts):The Emergency Information flip charts contain the following information:

  • Important Phone Numbers
  • Fire or Fire Alarm
  • Tornado / Severe Weather
  • Medical Emergency or Injured Person
  • Active Shooter
  • Suspicious Person or Item
  • Psychological Crisis / Suicide Threat
  • Bomb Threat
  • Hazmat / Chemical Release
  • Blood, Body Fluid, Infectious Agents
  • Utility Failures
  • Criminal / Civil Disturbance / Hostage
  • Notifications and General Procedures
  • Assisting People with Disabilities

Building Alarms: If an alarm is going off, or if a Department of Safety Liaison officer instructs you to evacuate the building, you MUST do so immediately. Professors MUST evacuate their classrooms, and their offices. Students MUST evacuate all study areas, classrooms, and labs.

Bloodborne Pathogen Prevention and Exposure Plan (Listed as "Exposure Control Program")

College of Pharmacy Safety Officer Liaisons

  • 1st Floor Department Safety Liaison Officer – Amanda Lynn (903.565.5782)
  • 2nd Floor Department Safety Liaison Officer – Joseph Chase (903.565.6419) 
  • 3rd Floor Department Safety Liaison Officer – Jeneane Cremers (903.565.5784)