Pharmacy Student Organizations and Development Opportunities

Pharmacy Student Development Opportunities

Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy

Class Officers - Fisch College of Pharmacy

Class officers are elected annually:

  • President:
    • The President is responsible for the oversight of the planning and deployment of class events such as volunteer activities, social events, and class-specific alumni events. The president also serves as the liaison between the class members and the student council and when needed to the college administration, faculty, and instructors. The President also serves on the College of Pharmacy Student Council.
  • Vice-President:
    • The Vice-President assists the president and in their absence serves as the person responsible for the oversight of the planning and deployment of class events. The Vice-President also serves on the College of Pharmacy Student Council.
  • Treasurer:
    • The treasurer is responsible for collecting and tracking any funds received and expended. 
  • Secretary:
    • The secretary is responsible for meeting minutes and communicating meetings/events to class members.

Class elections are held in the late spring of each year and are coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs, except:

  • Class officer elections are held in the fall semester for incoming P1 classes, and are coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs..
  • Students must be in good academic standing to be eligible for class officer positions.


Student Council - Fisch College of Pharmacy

Student council membership:

  • President:  P3 student who has served as President-elect during P2 year
  • President-elect:  P2 student elected by P1 and P2 student body of Fisch College of Pharmacy
  • Class presidents
  • Student organization presidents
  • Student representatives on college committees

The student council is responsible for communicating global student concerns to the administration and faculty of the College.

  • Serves as a communication hub between students, college administration and faculty, and college committees
  • Mentors newer class officers and student organization leaders
  • Coordinates college-level student activities and fundraisers
  • Coordinates student leadership development opportunities with the Office of Student Affairs


Student Government Association (SGA) at UT Tyler

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as a recognized forum for student opinion at The University of Texas at Tyler. 

  • The Fisch College of Pharmacy has 3 Senators.
  • Students are eligible to run for student body at large and residential life positions.
  • Senators are expected to follow all the rules and regulations of the SGA.

Pharmacy and Pharmacy Student Organizations

Pharmacy organizations are a great way for pharmacists and pharmacy students to explore and network with other professionals with common interests. Pharmacy organizations may be based on a common interest in a practice setting (e.g. Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy), a health condition (e.g. College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists), fostering or recognizing an important attribute (e.g. Phi Lambda Sigma Leadership Society).

Active student organization chapters at Fisch College of Pharmacy include:

As the pharmacy student population continues to grow, additional organizations will be added based on student interest and organizations that contribute to achievement of the college's goals/mission statements. College of Pharmacy Students may also be eligible to participate in UT Tyler Student Organizations. All UT Tyler recognized student organizations, including those based out of the College of Pharmacy, must adhere to the UT Tyler Student Organization Guidelines.

Regional Pharmacy Associations

State Pharmacy Associations

National Pharmacy Organizations

National Leadership, Academic Honor Societies, and Professional Pharmacy Fraternities

Student Organizations at UT Tyler

The University of Texas at Tyler is home to more than 80 student organizations, representing the diverse interests of students across campus. In addition to the pharmacy student organizations, College of Pharmacy students may also be eligible to participate in these UT Tyler student organizations.