Doctoral Degree Programs

Advance Your Career Leadership: Earn a PhD

The University of Texas at Tyler offers doctoral programs in human resource development and nursing. Earning a PhD is an excellent way to advance in your career or acquire skills that allow you to change your career path.

All PhD courses are taught by outstanding instructors who are well-respected in their field and committed to helping you achieve your educational goals. Your commitment to completing a doctoral program is an investment in your future career success.

  • Both the nursing PhD degree and the human resource development PhD degree require students to undertake independent original research. Your findings will culminate in a dissertation that contributes to the body of knowledge in the field.
  • The HRD PhD requires just 5 on-site classes per semester, which are primarily held on weekends. Students complete the balance of course requirements online.
  • The nursing PhD program is an entirely online program.

PhD Programs

Become a Pharmacist: Earn Your PharmD

Beginning in fall 2015, UT Tyler will offer the doctor of pharmacy degree to a small number of exceptional students. Learn in a team-based PharmD environment taught by some of the most innovative and caring faculty in the world. Experience the excitement of working with nurses, physicians and pharmacists to provide pharmacy care to patients of all ages and engage in the rapidly expanding health care field.

Professional Doctorate Program