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Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

A Path for Your Future

You know you have what it takes to achieve your goals. Following community college, a completed associate degree or real-world experience, take a step toward more opportunities and rise to the challenge with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences from The University of Texas at Tyler. Earn your bachelor’s degree entirely online — and continue making professional progress without pressing pause on the rest of your life.

Concerned about returning to school? The interdisciplinary format of UT Tyler’s online BAAS means you pick up where you left off in your higher education journey. Transfer credits from community college or other universities to accelerate your studies. Choose one of five concentrations to advance your possibilities in your current position or your dream job. Learn from the same outstanding faculty teaching in our traditional programs and gain desired skills employers want. We designed this affordable online bachelor’s completion program for people like you: hard-working adults ready to level up their careers.

Why Earn a BAAS From UT Tyler?

The foundation you gained in community college may inspire you to reach for more. After earning an associate degree or at least 60 credits, you now want to access opportunities only a bachelor’s can bring. Or, after years in the workforce, you know exactly what the next phase of your career should look like and understand that a four-year degree can help you get there. Whatever the reason, plan your future with UT Tyler’s flexible, convenient BAAS program.

Grow your accomplishments with this innovative program that is:

  • 100% Online: Complete engaging, stimulating, student-friendly and entirely virtual coursework from any location on a schedule that best suits your lifestyle.
  • Time Efficient: By transferring up to 60 credit hours or a successfully completed AA, AS or AAT, you can earn a four-year degree in as little as a year and a half.
  • Flexible: Focus on fewer classes at a time with our seven-week terms, and finish your degree at your own pace.
  • Tailor-Made: Design a plan of study toward your unique professional goals. Our five different concentrations span the fields of business, healthcare, psychology and the arts and sciences.
  • Supportive: Receive personalized guidance, discuss your degree completion options and stay on track with a dedicated advisor. Our renowned faculty provide one-on-one feedback and bring extensive online education experience, ensuring you get the attention you need to succeed.
  • Affordable: The BAAS program has a flat $9,900 tuition rate for the required 33 credit hours that comprise the foundation of this program. Credits needed beyond this point use the normal tuition rate. We further work with you to secure other forms of financial aid.


The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences consists of a minimum of 33 credit hours, though the program may have additional requirements depending on the number of classes transferred from your previous institution.

In addition to UT Tyler’s core curriculum, the professional core emphasizes marketable and broadly applicable skills that employers seek. In preparation for several in-demand careers, the professional core covers topics in health and wellness, finance and economics, leadership, ethics, teamwork, communication and problem-solving.

Concentrations add focus to your degree:

  • Business Occupations: Gain foundational skills in finance and management to prepare for the business world. Get exposed to organizational behavior, supervision, team-building and other leadership concepts from the Soules College of Business.
  • Healthcare Management: Learn how to oversee offices and departments in healthcare organizations like clinics, hospitals, provider networks, private practices and emergency centers. Through the School of Health Professions, get exposure to the necessary tools of management, human resources, consumer behavior and public health to plan a future in one of the country’s fastest-growing industries.
  • Health Occupations: Advance in your health-related field or set your sights on graduate school. Designed for those who work in healthcare or hold an AAS degree, complete your training through courses in psychology, consumer health, public health and healthcare systems offered through the School of Health Professions.
  • Human Behavior: Expand your understanding of human thought, feelings and behavior through data-based assessments, critical analysis and practical applications of research. Explore areas like developmental psychology and personality theory from the College of Education and Psychology.
  • General Studies: Delve into your passions and think about how they relate to different disciplines through the College of Arts and Sciences. With the help of an advisor, create a plan of study that centers on a specific topic of your choice, and select courses to gain in-depth, multifaceted knowledge of the subject.

Review the BAAS Degree Plan

Careers With a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

The benefits of holding a four-year degree cannot be overstated. According to the Pew Research Center, college graduates make significantly more than full-time workers without a bachelor’s and experience lower unemployment rates — only 2%.

The interdisciplinary, versatile format of the BAAS opens doors to virtually any field. Concentrations like business occupations, healthcare management and health occupations direct your career to multiple fast-growing industries. At the same time, a bachelor’s degree gives you leverage in graduate school applications, which may increase your earning potential long-term and position you for senior roles and leadership positions.

How to Apply

Eligible students have 60 accepted hours of transferable credit* OR a successfully completed AA, AS or AAT. For students applying to the BAAS with classes earned at other institutions, expect to undergo an official transcript evaluation by the Registrar's Office after submitting your application to determine which credits transfer to UT Tyler.

*Transferable credit only includes classes accepted by our Registrar's Office. It does not mean all coursework completed at previous institutions.

Follow these simple steps to apply:
  1. Fill out the Undergraduate Application (ApplyTexas).
  2. If you’re a first-time freshman or a transfer student who has completed fewer than 30 semester credit hours, send an official transcript from each high school and college attended in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution to the UT Tyler Office of Admissions, address provided below. Also, request official SAT I or official ACT scores from the respective testing agency with the following codes:
            UT Tyler SAT code: 6850
            UT Tyler ACT code: 4231
    If you’re a transfer student with 30 or more semester hours completed at an accredited institution, mail an official transcript from each college or university attended to:
    UT Tyler Office of Admissions
    3900 University Blvd.
    Tyler, TX 75799
  3. Submit a non-refundable $60 application fee for domestic students or a $75 application fee for international students. If you received an SAT or ACT waiver to test or submitted a financial hardship appeal, UT Tyler may exempt you from paying the fee.
UT Tyler’s BAAS program has rolling admissions. For financial aid, please follow all deadlines for submitting your Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
For UT Tyler to offer (online or correspondence) courses in a state other than Texas, UT Tyler must comply with that state's requirements. These requirements differ from state to state. The University of Texas System, on behalf of The University of Texas at Tyler, has made a "good faith effort" in pursuing state authorization from all 54 states and territories within the U.S. We have created a State Authorization Map to showcase all states approved to date. If your state is not listed as approved, please check back soon, as we are always adding more states.
We recognize the value and knowledge that nontraditional students bring to their studies. You can present a portfolio of prior learning experiences in consideration for up to three hours of academic credit toward a thematic concentration course. For more information on this opportunity, please reach out to an advisor. 
The required BAAS curriculum (33 credit hours) has a flat rate of $9,900. If you enter needing more than the program’s required courses, UT Tyler offers your first 33 credit hours at the discounted rate with the remaining hours at the standard tuition rate.

See all BAAS program advisors based on thematic concentration area.

Thematic Concentration Advisor Contact Information
Business Occupations
General Studies College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center
Health Occupations Ms. Amber Rios (last names A-L) & Ms. Tracey Lornson (M-Z)
Healthcare Management Ms. Amber Rios (last names A-L) & Ms. Tracey Lornson (M-Z)
Human Behavior Ms. Lisette Rodriguez

For other questions, email: 


I did a lot of research on which school to attend when I decided to complete my degree, and UT Tyler's BAAS program came in first place by a landslide. The staff is there for you. The professors are subject-matter experts and incorporate real-world technologies into the virtual classroom. They have fine-tuned and mastered the field of online education. I felt like my success was their top priority.

Chelsea Carr, BAAS, 2018

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