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Testing Accommodations

Students may be approved for testing accommodations to allow them equal opportunity to demonstrate their skill and knowledge to their instructors. The testing accommodations listed below are commonly approved accommodations but do not represent an exhaustive list of accommodations. All accommodations are individually approved based on the student’s need and supporting documentation. 

If the instructor does not have the available resources (time, space, etc.) to provide the approved testing accommodations, students on the main campus may reserve space in the Testing Center to take their test. Tests must be reserved by using the SAR online student portal. Once the test reservation has been submitted, students are responsible for getting confirmation of the requested date/time from the instructor. Tests must be reserved at least 4 business days in advance for regular semester exams and quizzes and at least three weeks in advance for final exams. Students at satellite campuses should follow test scheduling instructions provided to them at their training/intake meeting. 

Extended Time on Exams  

Students with disabilities may require additional time for taking tests and completing work in class. Unless efficiency or speed is the essential skill that is being assessed, students may be allowed additional time for all exams, in-class quizzes, in-class writing assignments and labs. Based on the documentation submitted to SAR, extended time is typically approved in increments of either one and one half or double the allotted time. The extended time accommodation does not apply to take home exams. Extended time ensures that a student’s performance is reflective of their mastery of material rather than the speed at which a student performs. Students should provide reasonable notice of their need for this accommodation so the instructor and testing center staff have time to make proper arrangements. 

Reduced Distraction Environment

Students with disabilities may be approved for a “reduced distraction” testing space. This space may be a conference room, unused classroom, or instructor’s office. This accommodation is not a guarantee of a “distraction free” testing space, but rather a quieter space where students have fewer distractions from fellow test takers and are thus better able to maintain focus. Students should provide reasonable notice of their need for this accommodation so the instructor and testing center staff have time to make proper arrangements.


Use of a Calculator for Exams 

This accommodation allows students to use a calculator as long as the calculator is unable to perform the functions that are being tested. This accommodation typically allows for the use of a four-function calculator so that students who understand the concepts will not be penalized for errors in basic calculations. Instructors will approve the specific calculator to be used prior to exams.


Use of a Computer for Essay Exams

Some students with disabilities will be approved for the use of a computer for essay exams. Using a computer allows the opportunity to avoid physical fatigue and/or to provide legible, better-organized answers to essays. Students approved for this accommodation may use a computer in the Testing Center, designated testing space at satellite campuses, or a personal computer that is pre-approved by the instructor.  


Use of Spell Check for Exams

This accommodation allows students to use a dictionary or spell check device during exams so that they will not be penalized for basic spelling and grammar errors when they are otherwise able to provide accurate responses to the questions asked. Students are responsible for providing their own spellcheck tools. Professors may also fulfill this accommodation by not counting off for spelling errors.


Important Notes for Exam Accommodations:

    • Students should meet with each instructor and discuss the accommodation notification from SAR outlining the accommodations approved. Discuss with the instructor the type of accommodations needed and how these will be implemented in each class.
    • Students should remind instructors at least one week prior to each test of the approved accommodations they plan on utilizing.
    • If the accommodation arranged by the instructor is not appropriate or if an instructor refuses to provide a previously discussed approved accommodation, the student should refuse to take the test and notify their SAR coordinator immediately.
    • Students needing to test at the Testing Center should log in to the SAR online student portal to submit a request to take.  
    • If a student wishes to reschedule an exam scheduled to take place at the Testing Center, written or verbal permission from the instructor must be given to SAR staff. Instructors should contact the testing coordinator by phone at 903.565.5693 or email
    • If a student misses an exam, it is the student’s responsibility to talk with the instructor regarding the absence and the consequences for missing the exam. 

Accommodated Testing in the Testing Center

Students who have registered with the Office of Student Accessibility and Resources and deemed eligible for accommodated testing may take their exams in the Testing Center. Testing accommodations may include extended time, a quieter separate location, enlarged font, use of a scribe, use of adaptive equipment and others.


Procedures for accommodated testing in the Testing Center:

    • Students are required to schedule their exams using their SAR Online Services student profile.
    • Exams will be administered as close to the class test date/time as possible with some flexibility due to scheduling or accommodation requirements.
    • Students are expected to arrive at the designated testing time.
    • Professors will send exams to the SAR office at least three days prior to the exam date so that format adjustments, scribes or other adaptive equipment can be provided to stay in compliance with ADA supported accommodations.
    • If exams are not received in time to efficiently provide the accommodation, the SAR office will schedule the exam as needed to remain in compliance.
    • Professors may need to provide an electronic copy of the exam in a .doc format so that necessary adjustments may be made to meet accommodation requirements.