Testing Center

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

UT Tyler Testing Center

Students can receive credit for what they already know by earning qualifying scores on any one or more of the 24 CLEP examinations accepted by The University of Texas at Tyler. See below for a list of acceptable examinations, scores and course credit.

To Take a CLEP Exam

  • Call 903.565.5693 to schedule an appointment.
  • CLEP is typically offered Monday - Thursday except during finals and holidays (call for availability)
  • Pay your $30 proctor fee to the cashier's office in the One-Stop Shop or PAY ONLINE.
  • Bring your receipt to the Testing Center in LIB 460 or ask the cashier to email it to us.
  • Visit www.collegeboard.org, create an account and follow the prompts to pay for your CLEP exam; be sure to specify the correct score recipient and the correct testing center.
  • Schedule to take your exam at least a week in advance of your test date.
  • On the day of your test, please make sure to bring one form of state issue ID.
  • No CLEP tests are given during the university's posted finals weeks.
  • This is a computer-based exam.
  • Scores will be provided to you by testing center employees immediately following your exam.
  • To verify the current length of the waiting period, candidates may contact CLEP Services at 800.257.9558, 212.237.1331 or clep@info.collegeboard.org.

More Information about Credit by Examination

The CLEP practice tests website offers practice questions for most CLEP exams. Please be aware that only the subject exams listed above are accepted for credit at UT Tyler.

Visit the CLEP website for more information about CLEP.