Undergraduate Admissions

Meet the Admissions Team

Office of Admissions:

George Norton
Executive Director of Admissions
Office Phone: 903.566.7205
Email: gnorton@uttyler.edu


Admissions Recruitment

Katie Ramirez
Director of Recruitment and College Readiness
Office Phone: 903.566.7204
Email: kramirez@uttyler.edu


Caroline Zito
Associate Director of Admissions
Office Phone: 903.566.7034
Email: czito@uttyler.edu


Kierra Green
Senior Admission Officer
Office Phone: 903.566.6285
Email: kierragreen@uttyler.edu 
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Annie Garcia
Senior Transfer Coordinator
Office Phone: 903.565.5863
Email: anniegarcia@uttyler.edu 


Kayla Franks
Admissions Officer
Central and International
Office Phone: 903-566-7441
Email: kfranks@uttyler.edu 
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Jaired Maddox
Admissions Officer
Office Phone: 903-566-5977
Email: jmaddox@uttyler.edu 
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Megan Ellis
Admissions Officer
Greater Tyler and Longview
Office Phone: 903-565-5976
Email: mellis@uttyler.edu
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Ashton Baum
Admissions Officer
Greater East Texas and South Texas
Office Phone: 903-566-7195
Email: abaum@uttyler.edu
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Courtney Pickett
Admissions Officer
Fort Worth 
Office Phone: 903-566-6213
Email: cpickett@uttyler.edu 
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Alyzabeth Paul
Admissions Regional Manager
Office Phone: 903.565.6513
Email: ampaul@uttyler.edu  
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Admissions Welcome Center

Ashton Smith
Assistant Director of Admissions
Office Phone: 903.566.7080
Email: ashtonsmith@uttyler.edu 


Lindsey Froneberger
Welcome Center Admissions Counselor
Western United States
Office Phone: 903.565.5633
Email: lfroneberger@uttyler.edu
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