The University of Texas at Tyler

Ways to Give to UT Tyler



Here are some of the ways you may consider in making a gift to UT Tyler:

  • Cash – Gifts of cash are generally deductible to the limits allowed by the IRS for your particular circumstances. Because of recent changes you should consult your tax advisor to be sure your gift will be fully deductible.
  • Pledges – Gifts may be made over a period of up to five years with deductions subject to the same IRS limitations.
  • Gifts in Kind – Gifts of art, jewelry, equipment or other items may also provide a tax deduction. If you gift is valued at $500 or more, the IRS requires some paperwork to document the value, as stated by the donor, and that UT Tyler actually received the gift. If the gift is valued at $5,000 or more, the IRS requires an appraisal from an accredited appraiser. UT Tyler cannot pay for such an appraisal, so you might expect some additional expense if you consider giving in this way.
  • Corporate Matching Gifts – Many companies will match your gift to UT Tyler up to certain limits. Your company’s Human Resources Department can discuss matching gifts with you.
  • Honor and Memorial Gifts – You may wish to give a gift in honor or memory of a friend or loved one.
  • Real Estate – A gift of real estate may provide help you avoid Capital Gains Tax on the difference in what you paid for the property and what it is worth now. Again, consult your tax advisor about the amount of tax savings such a gift might produce for you.
  • Life Insurance – You can give a life insurance policy or name UT Tyler as a beneficiary.
  • Retirement Assets – Your retirement account may be a very good fund to give because if it is in your estate, it may be taxed twice when your estate is settled.
  • Planned Gifts – There are many gift strategies for planned giving. You may explore many of them here.

Additional Information

  • UT Tyler fully subscribes and supports The Donor Bill of Rights which outlines the ethical standards for all organizations and individuals involved in raising funds. You can find a copy of the document here.
  • UT Tyler fully supports the idea that gifts should be both good for the donor and good for UT Tyler. We greatly appreciate your interest in supporting our mission and students and our staff are committed to help you accomplish your philanthropic goals in the best possible way.
  • UT Tyler encourages you to consult with your professional advisors when considering a gift to make certain that you are able to consider all the implications of your gift.
  • Once you decide to make a gift we encourage you to seriously consider the best way to make the gift. Many donors only think about writing a check. This is usually the most expensive way to make a gift because you lose a dollar for every dollar you give. There may be other ways to make your gift that can provide tax savings or other benefits that might be helpful to you.

Learn more about ways you can give to UT Tyler from University Advancement.