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Degree Plan

The Patriot Advisement Report is your official degree plan. You may access your PAR at any time from within your myUTTyler account. Go to: System Access -- Student Center -- then Academics. It will take a moment for your report to generate.

Please check your program information in the Patriot Advisement Report. It is important that your major and minor program information be correct. If you find that it is not, fortunately, the solution is simple. Just go to the forms library on the registrar's site and print a Change of Major form or a Change of Minor form. This form must be signed by your college advisor, either Dr. Millett, Miss Sharman or Ms. Carrell, and returned to the Enrollment Services Center located at ADM 230.

Sometimes the PAR will read a course under a different requirement category than it should. Fortunately, the solution for repairing this is also simple. Just contact your College Advisor (Dr. Millett, Miss Sharman or Ms. Carrell), and we can take care of most repairs.

When you enroll in your final classes, your PAR should collapse. This means that you are "good to graduate'' pending successful completion of your currently enrolled classes. If it does not collapse, please contact your college advisor.

Earning Advanced (Upper-Level) Hours

All students earning a bachelor's degree in the College of Arts and Sciences must complete at least 42 hours at the advanced or upper-level. Upper-division courses are identified as 3000- and 4000-level courses (ie., the first digit of the course number is either a 3 or a 4). Most of your 42 upper-division hours will come from your major and minor coursework taken at UT Tyler. The balance of upper-level hours will be free electives. Be sure to reach 42 upper-division hours; completing your major and minor requirements may or may not add up to that number.

Foreign Language Requirement (B.A. Degree)

Students seeking a bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree in the College of Arts and Sciences must complete four semesters (12 hours minimum) of an approved foreign language. Students may complete this requirement by passing a written examination approved by the foreign language faculty.

Pre-Med and Pre-Dental Advising

Students who intend to pursue medical, dental or veterinary training after graduation should consult the pre-med advisor for information on the appropriate undergraduate courses to take. Please visit Pre-Professional Tracks.

Contact Information

General Contact Information
CAS Advising Center

Miss Whitney Sharman
FAC 2020

Ms. Kimberlie Carrell
FAC 2021

Dr. Michael Millett
FAC 2019

Miss Sarah Draper
FAC 2001 


If you are a current or prospective student in need of an appointment, the please email casadvising@uttyler.edu a list of dates/times where you will be available or a good contact number to reach you at, and our student assistants will reach out to you directly regarding scheduling.   We can accommodate students with face-to-face appointments or phone appointments.


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