Center for Environment, Biodiversity and Conservation

The University of Texas at Tyler

The Center for Environment, Biodiversity and Conservation (CEBC) at The University of Texas at Tyler was established in August 2015 as a multidisciplinary research and education organization. The CEBC includes 17 faculty from three colleges and six departments; including research expertise in aspects of ecology, conservation genetics, genomics, landscape ecology, environmental economics, policy, and regulation, hydrology, water and air pollution, remote sensing and green supply chains.

The organisms being investigated are equally diverse and include insects, snakes, freshwater mussels, turtles, crayfish, and plants that inhabit aquatic and terrestrial habitats. The faculty has a distinguished record of extramurally funded research in conservation biology and biodiversity and many undergraduate and graduate students have been trained in these broad areas.

With a rapid and precipitous increase in the rate of loss of biodiversity and species extinction globally, there is an urgent need to emphasize research on these topics. Concurrently, there is also a need for investigating the economic impacts of conservation and the role of green technologies in preserving biodiversity. The CEBC is uniquely positioned to be a leader in the fields of environment, biodiversity, and conservation biology because of the locally available expertise, a long and distinguished history of research, education, and training, and much future potential.