UT Tyler Ethics & Compliance Hotline

Office of Compliance

Do not use the Ethics & Compliance Hotline for emergencies. If an EMERGENCY exists, a situation requires IMMEDIATE ATTENTION, or a crime is occurring, please dial 911 or 800 UT TYLER, OR use the Student Counseling Center's CRISIS HOTLINE, 903-566-7254. Thank you.

Reporters and complainants who report in good faith are protected from retaliation. For more information, please see Protection from Retaliation.

What is the Ethics & Compliance Hotline for?

The purpose of the UT Tyler Ethics & Compliance Hotline is to provide a way for students and personnel to report alleged wrongdoing when anonymity is required. See examples of the types of reports appropriate for the Hotline. All other issues should be reported using the "UT Systemwide" or "Additional Information" sections below.

UT Tyler Toll-Free Ethics & Compliance Hotline:

Via Telephone: 1.877.507.7318

Online: Lighthouse Services Online Ethics and Compliance Hotline Reporting*

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UT Systemwide Compliance Hotline

In the event that the alleged wrongdoing is significant or widespread, or applies to the U.T. System as a whole, individuals may alternatively submit a report through the following:

In-person Reporting Options

You may also directly contact a member of the Hotline Triage Team, either via telephone or in person. Those team members include:

  • Deena King, Chief Compliance Officer, Higher Education Focus
  • Stephen Ford, Chief Audit Executive
  • Lou Ann Viergever, Executive Director Audit and Consulting Services
  • Blake Bumbard, Title IX Coordinator
  • Cindy Scott, Vice President of Human Resources
  • Gracy Buentello, Associate Vice President, HR, Culture, and Diversity

Each team member's contact information can be found on the "Staff and Contacts" page.

Other UT System Reporting Options

    UT System Chief Audit Executive

Mr. J. Michael Peppers
U.T. System Audit Office
702 Colorado Street, CLB 3.100
Austin, TX 78701

    U. T. System Ethics Officer

Mr. Jason King
Systemwide Compliance
210 W. 7th St.
Austin, TX 78701

Additional Information: The Ethics & Compliance Hotline is not for complaints

Instances of suspected fraud, waste, or abuse may be reported to the State Auditor's Office:

Via Telephone: 1-800-TX-AUDIT (1.800.892.8348)

Online: State Auditor's Office

For Title IX Issues:

Via Telephone: (903)565-5760

Online: Title IX Website

For Faculty Issues:

Via Telephone: (903)566-7103

Online: Faculty Resources

For student academic/administrative complaints and appeals:

Via Telephone: (903)566-7103

Online: Academic Student Complaints


For additional information, please look at the Contact Us information.