Outside Activities and Interests Reporting

Office of Compliance

The annual disclosure period for reporting outside activities and interests runs January 1 through March 31 of each year (March 31 is a hard deadline). In addition, new employees are required to report within 30 days of their date of hire.

Action Required by March 1 and March 31

Due by March 1: Disclosure of Significant Financial Interests/Activities and Conflicts

Due by March 31: Disclose/Request Outside Activities or "Nothing to Report"

Updated Training

Main campus employees must score 80% on the final exam for training on outside activities.
After training is complete, employees proceed to the Procedures for Reporting.

Overview of Outside Activities Reporting

All full-time faculty and full-time administrative and professional staff must go to the UT System Outside Activity Portal (the Portal) and do the following:

  1. Acknowledge the updated policies;
  2. Answer the "Screening Questions;" and
  3. Complete an "Activity Form" OR a "No Activity Form."
  • These steps will ensure that all reporting required has been completed in the Portal for the previous year.
  • Submit requests for renewed approval for outside employment and board service that is new or continuing into the current year where indicated by the Decision Matrix.
  • The Procedures for Reporting has detailed instructions on how to report.
  • Employees who are not full-time may also have reporting requirements as described in the Decision Matrix. These requirements apply to employees who:
    • Have outside employment, teaching, or board service that require prior approval;
    • Engage in the design, conduct, or reporting of research;
    • Participate in procurement activities over $15,000;
    • Have an outside activity or interest that may reasonably appear, in the eyes of a third-party observer, to create a conflict of interest or interfere with their University responsibilities; or
    • Have any relationships that qualify as substantial foreign relationships.

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