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Student Government Association

SGA Standing Committees

The Student Government Association is composed of 4 standing committees created for managing crucial parts of the Student Government and assist it in running smoothly and efficiently. The SGA also has the ability to create ad-hoc committees in the situation that it is necessary to explore new paths and projects for the association, the school or the students.

Events Committee

The Events Committee is in charge of planning and executing SGA events which include, but are not limited to, Constitution Day, and Midnight Breakfast.

Meeting time: Every Tuesday at 4:30pm

Chair: Ronald Carnes III



Communications Committee

This committees central processes focus on the efficient distribution of information from the Student Government to its constituents; the students! Shooting to shorten the distance between when the students hear what they need, and how to distribute their needs and wants to the administration of the University.

Meeting time: Every Monday at 5pm

Chair: Precious Henry



Rules Committee

Rules committee focuses on the rules and governing documents regarding the Student Government and how it affects the student body. This can mean amendments to change the way we are able to interact, or processes to streamline the ways which are meetings are conducted.

Meeting time: TBD

Chair: TBD



Student Government Appropriations Committee

SGAC prioritizes the fiscal responsibilities of the Student Government. They also are responsible for delegating funds to student organizations to assist them in supporting their events and programs, while also ensuring all guidelines for said funds are strictly followed.

Meeting time: Every Wednesday at 4:00pm

Chair: Soren Peters



Environmental Sustainability Committee

After student voice reports indicated a strong student push for recycling on campus, the SGA created a recycling committee to explore the various ways recycling could be implemented on campus and in the Tyler community.

Meeting time: Every Tuesday at 4:15pm

Chair: Macie Kirkby


University Committees

The SGA also maintains student seats on the following university committees. To serve on one of these committees please contact, who will verify committee openings:

Academic Affairs Committee

Arts and Performance Complex Advisory Committee

Environmental Safety Committee

Information Technology Committee

International Studies and Intercultural Affairs Committee

Student Affairs Advisory Committee

Student Appeals Committee

Student Fee Advisory Committee

Parking Citations Appeals Committee

Cowan Center Advisory Committee

(Committee openings to be determined after fall elections.)


 Updated as of 10/05/23