Art and Art History

Dewane Hughes

Dewane Hughes

Title: Professor of Studio Art, Studio Art Graduate Program Advisor
Department: Art and Art History
Building: ARC 127
Phone: 903.565.5510


  • Graduated from Ames Iowa in 1969.
  • M.F.A., Montana State University
  • Area, Sculpture Design


Dewane Hughes was born in Ames Iowa in 1969. He graduated from Buena Vista College in 1992 with an emphasis in sculpture, and received his MFA from Montana State University in 1996. Since 1996, Dewane has been the Sculpture Lab Technician at the University of Iowa where he built the bronze casting foundry, as well as Assistant Professor at Graceland University, and Missouri Southern State University. Dewane is currently an Associate Professor of Sculpture at the University of Texas at Tyler. He maintains a home and studio in the woods south of Troup Texas with his wife Alexis, son Frankie, and his three dogs.

I have recently been dividing my time between fabricating large scale steel sculptures, and creating intimate psychological landscapes using found objects, painting and plastic resins. In addition to my continuous sculptural pursuits, I was also recently the curator of the “Sculpture on the Green” exhibition at the Kemp Center for the Arts, as well as the President and coordinator of the 2011 SNTX Conference at The University of Texas at Tyler. Other endeavors include several solo and group exhibitions and the creation of numerous prototypes for an “Artist Signature” series of lighting fixtures.

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