Fernando Resende

Fernando Resende

Chair & Associate Professor

Phone: 903-565-6538
Email: fresende@uttyler.edu

Chemical Engineering

Fernando Resende

Fernando Resende

Title: Chair & Associate Professor
Department: Chemical Engineering
Building: RBN 2043
Email: fresende@uttyler.edu
Phone: 903.565.6538


PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan
MS, Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan
MS, Mechanical Engineering, State University of Campinas (Brazil)
BS, Chemical Engineering, State University of Michigan (Brazil)


Courses Taught

  • CHEN 2310 – Introduction to Chemical Engineering
  • CHEN 2320 – Chemical Engineering Mechanics
  • CHEN 3301 – Thermodynamics I
  • CHEN 3302 – Thermodynamics II
  • CHEN 4350 – Chemical Design Plant I
  • CHEN 4370 – Chemical Design Plant II
  • CHEN 4109 – Senior Seminar

Research Interests

Our research focuses on the production of drop-in fuels and high-value chemicals from lignocellulosic biomass. Our group works with thermochemical processes such as catalytic fast pyrolysis, hydropyrolysis, hydrothermal liquefaction, reactions in supercritical fluids, and the thermo-catalytic conversion of oxygenated molecules into gasoline and jet-fuels. We are particularly interested in the reaction kinetics and catalysis of these processes.

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Awards & Honors

  • Alien of Extraordinary Ability (O-1 Visa), US Citizen and Immigration Services, 2012.
  • PhD Student Achievement - 9th Annual ScholarPOWER Banquet, College of Engineering, University of Michigan.
  • Walter J. Weber Jr. Student Award in Environmental and Energy Sustainability, College of Engineering, University of Michigan.
  • Outstanding Student Instructor Award – Student Chapter of the American Society of Engineering Education, College of Engineering, University of Michigan.

Selected Publications