Graduate Reading Course Descriptions

EDUC 5301: Research Methods for Behavioral Sciences. Study of basic research techniques and methodologies in behavioral sciences.

READ 5301: Language, Literacy, & Culture. Examination of the roles of language and culture in the literacy development of all students, including English learners.

READ 5302: Issues in the Teaching of Literacy Using Children’s & Adolescent Literature. Examination of current educational issues relating to the selection and use of children’s and adolescent literature for teaching literacy in the PreK-12 classroom.

READ 5303: New and Emerging Media Literacies. Study of new and emerging digital media literacies, with emphasis on integrating information and communication technologies into the curriculum.

READ 5304: Writing Workshop. Study and practice of writing as a process and a product, with emphasis on effective approaches, methods, and materials for teaching writing across PreK-12 curriculum.

READ 5305: Teaching Disciplinary Literacy to Adolescents. Examination of the research, policy, and effective practices aimed at preparing adolescents for the reading, writing, and thinking required by advanced disciplinary coursework.

READ 5306: Literacy Assessment Practicum. Study of effective approaches, methods, and materials for assessing the literacy strengths and needs of students in PreK-12 clinical and/or classroom settings. Field experience required.

READ 5307: Literacy Instruction Practicum. Study of evidence-based approaches, methods, and strategies for using literacy assessment data to design, implement, and evaluate literacy instruction in PreK-12 clinical and/or classroom settings. Field experience required.

READ 5308: Action Research for Literacy Educators. Examination of basic approaches and methods for designing and conducting action or teacher research to enhance instructional practices and increase literacy achievement outcomes in PreK-12 clinical and/or school settings.

READ 5309: Foundations of Literacy Coaching. Exploration of foundational knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for effective literacy coaching and leadership in PreK-12 school settings. Field experience required.