Building and Ground Maintenance

Facilities Management

Physical Plant building maintenance technicians handle all building maintenance: electrical work, plumbing, carpentry and painting. All requests or questions concerning building maintenance should be directed to Ricky Clark in the Physical Plant, 903.565.5503.

Grounds maintenance is provided by Enviro-Care, an external grounds maintenance company. Questions or comments about grounds maintenance should be directed to Terry Rhame in the Physical Plant, 903.565.5989.

Custodial Services are provided by SSC, an external custodial services company. Contracted custodial services include: emptying all trash receptacles, replacing receptacle liners, vacuuming carpet and mats, cleaning door glass and frames, dust or wet mopping non-carpeted floors, cleaning blackboards, dusting horizontal surfaces, and cleaning classrooms, kitchenettes and restrooms. Questions or comments about custodial services should be directed Rich Legler, 903.566.7385.

Keys are issued by the Physical Plant to employees after necessary approvals have been obtained. Keys must be approved by the dean of the school or director of the department and the director of the Physical Plant. The issuance of a GGMK key must be approved by the president. There is a nominal fee to replace a key that has been lost. Questions about keys should be directed to Tyson Hughes in the Physical Plant, 903.565.5991.

Furniture movement services are provided by SSC, an external custodial services company. Physical Plant central receiving maintains a warehouse for surplus capital inventory. All furniture should be purchased as assembled products. All requests or questions concerning furniture storage/movement should be directed to Rich Legler in the Physical Plant, 903.565.7385.