UT Tyler Graduate Council

Graduate School Faculty

2020-21  Chair: Dr. Torey Nalbone, College of Engineering

2020-21 Membership:

Dr. Jessica Holm, College of Education & Psychology
Dr. Anna Consalvo, College of Education & Psychology
Dr. Mary Fischer, Soules College of Business  
Dr. Tom Roberts, Soules College of Business 
Dr. William Sorensen, College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Dr. Jenifer Chilton, College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Dr. Hassan El Kishky, College of Engineering
Dr. Gokhan Saygili, College of Engineering
Dr. Dewane Hughes, College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Jon Seal, College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Michael Veronin, Fisch College of Pharmacy
Dr. Kathy Snella, Fisch College of Pharmacy
Dr. Mike Morris, School of Community and Rural Health
Dr. Torry Tucker, School of Medical Biological Sciences
Dr. Kouider Mokhtari, Associate Dean of The Graduate School and Associate Vice President for Research
Dr. Steven Idell, Graduate School Dean and Senior Vice-President for Research
Ms. Catherine Watkins, Graduate Student, Fisch College of Pharmacy 
Ms. Monica Kinzie, Graduate Student, Soules College of Business
Ms. Rebecca McKay Johnson, Executive Director, Robert. R. Muntz Library
Dr. Erin West, Faculty Senate Representative
Open, Registrar's Office
Ms. Brittani Riley, Director of Graduate Admissions
Dr. Alecia Wolf, Assistant Dean of The Graduate School


The Graduate Council has the responsibility for reviewing and approving graduate course proposals and course changes initiated by department or other academic units. It also reviews and makes recommendations regarding new graduate program proposals and program modifications. It has the authority to make recommendations for modification of Graduate policies and procedures for student admission, continuation, graduation, Graduate Faculty credentialing, and similar issues forwarded by departments, colleges or other units.

The Graduate Council acts in an advisory capacity to the Dean of The Graduate School, providing consultation and information on issues relating to graduate policies and procedures.

Agendas and minutes are posted online.

Membership and terms are specified in the Graduate Council Bylaws

Graduate School Documents

Graduate Academic Program Coordinator Policy and Procedure

Thesis and Dissertation Roles and Responsibilities of the Chair, Committee Members, and Students*
*If the academic department does not provide students with a program-specific handbook addressing these topics, these guidelines will apply.

Guidelines for the Conduct of a Thesis Defense

Guidelines for the Conduct of a Dissertation Defense

Milestones Agreement Form Template - Mandatory for Ph.D. students

Master's Student Milestones Sample Form - Optional for Master’s students

Mission Statement