Honors Study Abroad

Explore the world with Honors

Honors College students have a special opportunity to explore new countries and cultures through study abroad trips specifically designed for Honors College students.  Study abroad trips are life-changing and can enhance the education students receive in the classroom. Students have cited these trips as the highlight of their time in the Honors College. Through their experiences, students have broadened their perspectives, cultivated life-long friendships, and developed a increased self-confidence. Beyond that, students will learn how to operate in our global economy - a valuable and marketable skill to future employers.

Past Trips:

In May of 2019 Honors traveled to Italy and Greece to spend a magical 10 days exploring the cultural sights, sounds, and food of this region.  Coordinated by knowledgeable faculty and tour guides from the region, students gained an unforgettable and transformational experience. 

For information about other study abroad opportunities, please visit our Office of International Programs