Honors Colloquium

UT Tyler Honors Program

[From Latin: com+loqui: "To talk together."]

"Colloquium" is Latin for dialogue or conversation. The Honors Colloquium is an opportunity for students to meet and talk with local, regional, and national leaders and scholars about topics that relate to the semester's courses. The Honors Colloquium series may also include museum trips, service projects, productions, and other leadership and learning activities.

There are three colloquia per semester, and honors students are required to attend all of them to remain in good standing with the Honors Program.

Fall 2022 Colloquia:

August 20: Honors Convocation, Ornelas Activities Center (OAC), 10:30am-2:00 pm

September 27: Dance Performance by Professor Betsy Fisher, University of Hawaii, OAC 6:00pm

October 27: 11th Annual Global Quiz Night, Alumni House Lawn 6:00 pm 

Colloquium Make-up Form

Honors students are expected to attend all colloquia. Attendance will be taken during the first 15 minutes of every colloquium. Students who arrive after those 15 minutes, will not receive credit for attending the colloquium. If a student misses a colloquium, that student is expected to find and attend a make-up event. That event must be approved by the Honors staff prior to the student's attendance at the event.

Unless a student misses a colloquium event for class, all make-up colloquium must be accompanied by a 500-word essay summarizing the details of the event. Once a student has attended an approved make-up event, they fill out the colloquium make up form below. All submissions must be in by the first day of finals in order to have successfully made up missed colloquia for the semester.

Students can fill out a colloquium make-up form here.