Honors in the Major

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Take your field of study to the next level through Honors in the Major, now available for Psychology and Nursing students! All students who enter into Honors in the Major (HIM) starting their junior year will be considered full Honors students. They will receive a $2,000/year scholarship and have access to priority registration, deep and personal relationships with faculty/staff, as well as access to other benefits such as career-specific advising and counseling.  They will also receive a special designation on their transcript and at graduation. Please note - students who started Honors earlier than their junior year will automatically transition to their Honors in the Major track.

Honors in the Major Nursing

Nursing students who start Level 1 in the Fall take specially designed courses to hone their research and nursing skills. They will enroll in small classes where they will be individually mentored by Nursing faculty.


Start Level I in the fall
Minimum GPA of 3.5


Honors in the Major Psychology

Upper-division psychology students take "Honors in Psychology" each semester to explore special topics in psychology, design and author unique research, and participate in small classes taught by distinguished faculty.

Students who have graduated from this specialized program cite how instrumental this program was in preparing them for the next step, whether it be graduate school or a full-time position.


  • Start in the Fall and have two years left of undergraduate education.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.5
  • Psychology stats