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About the Lyceum

The Lyceum is the University of Texas at Tyler's largest student research showcase.

The term, lyceum, is often remembered as the location of Aristotle's school. As such, the Lyceum at UT Tyler serves as a opportunity for students to showcase their original research and work to the larger community. This annual event is held in the spring of each year and co-sponsored by the Honors Program and the Center for Excellence for Teaching and Learning.

The 5th annual Research Lyceum will be held on April 17, 2020 in the University Center.

The submission form is now open. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, April 1st at 8:30am. 


Congratulations to all our presenters, mentors, and everyone who participated in the 4th annual Lyceum!  This was our biggest year yet, with record number of presenters and audience members.  

Particular congratulations goes to the 4th Annual Lyceum winners:

Poster Presentation Winners 2019

Undergraduate Students

First: Arthur Oenning Fagundes & Gabriella Morales Alvarez "City of Tyler Hub-and-Spoke Bicycle Lane Network" (Mentor: Dr. Mena Souliman)

Second (TIE): Savannah Seely "Programming a Virus Like Particle for Cell Specific Drug Delivery" (Mentor: Dr. Dustin Patterson) and Eloisa Peredia and Anna Sheraz "The Use of Chimeric Subunit Constructs to Study the Pharmacology of Alpha6" (Mentor: Dr. Farah Deba and Ayman K. Hamouda)

Third: Kinza Ashraf "Predicting East Texas Freshwater Mussel Distributions" (Mentor: Dr. Joshua Banta)

Graduate students

First: Azalia Perez "Born to Read: Promoting Reading at Birth to Prevent Reading Problems" (Mentor: Dr. Kouider Mokhtari)

Second: Bridget Fitzgerald "Toxicity Profile and Localization of VLP HK97 in Danio Rerio" (Mentor: Dr. Brent Bill)

Third: Shelby Downs, Kiersi Harmon, & Joy Judson "Emergency Contraception Accessibility in Community Pharmacies" (Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Cook)

Oral Presentation Winners 2019

Undergraduate Students

First: Gavin Downing "Rhymes of Flight: Deleuzian Political Thought on Kendrick Lamar's DAMN." (Mentor: Dr. Randy LeBlanc)

Second: Claire Wallace "The Melting Pot: Investigation of Immigration into Texas through Food" (Mentor: Ms. Anita Brown)

Third: Caleb Youngblood "Minimalist Style and its Application to Life" (Mentor: Ms. Anita Brown)

Graduate students

First: Prajwol Sharma "Monitoring of a Bridge Super Structure Using Digital Image Correction" (Mentor: Dr. Michael Gangone)

Second: Jade McCarley "The Status of the KIsatchie Painted Crayfish in Louisiana" (Mentor: Dr. Lance Williams)

Third: Ashmita Wasti "Digital Image Correlation in Adobe Bricks" (Mentor: Dr. Michael McGinnis)

Please see our program booklet for a complete listing of all 100 presentations.

Student Divya presenting her reserach

Michaela Heys presenting her research

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