UT Tyler Honors Program

About the Lyceum

The Lyceum is the University of Texas at Tyler's largest student research showcase.

The term "Lyceum" refers to Aristotle's school in ancient Athens. Following in this tradition, the Lyceum at UT Tyler serves as a opportunity for students to showcase their original research and work to the larger community. This annual event is held in the spring of each year and co-sponsored by the Honors Program and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

The 8th annual Lyceum Research Showcase will be held April 14th, 2023 in the University Center.

We are NOW accepting abstracts for the 2023 Lyceum.

You can submit your 250-word abstract HERE

Submissions will be accepted until 11:59pm on Thursday March 23, 2023.


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Congratulations to our 2022 award winners!

2022 Poster Presentations

Undergraduate Winners:

1st place: Baily Cox “The Synthesis of Dragonamide E to Determine its Effects on Leishmaniasis." Faculty mentor: Dr. Sean Butler

2nd place:  (tie) Jordan Lovette “Investigating Students' Emotional Intelligence and Degree Commitment.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Christopher Thomas

Sagar Sah, James Robert Ray, Adeola Salako, Keith Bryant Jr., Brandon Caltrider “Portable Solar-Powered Water Desalination System.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Muath Salim

3rdplace: Giovanni Cerrato “The By-Product of Ozone from Electrostatic Air Cleaners.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Nelson Fumo

Graduate Winners:

1st place: Benjamin Stewart “Dynamic Queueing Analysis of the Gateway International Bridge Border Crossing in Brownsville, Texas for Potential Wait Time Reduction and Air Quality Improvement.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Matthew Vechione

2nd place: (tie) Prashanta Kumar Acharjee “Pavement Roughness Prediction Model for Texas with Artificial Neural Network.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Mena Souliman

Mayokun Oke “Hydrothermal Liquefaction of the Brown Macroalgae, Saccharina Latissima for Biofuel Production.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Fernando Resende


2022 Oral Presentations

Undergraduate Winners:

1st place: Lezley Hart “Prevalence of Ophidiomycosis in East Texas.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Alan Lizarraga

2nd place: Gavin Clarke “Trumpet Mutes and a Discussion over their History and Timbres.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Jeremy McBain

3rd place: Luis Perez faculty mentor: Prof. Merrie Wright

Graduate Winners:

1st place: Nathan Schubert “Niche Modeling of Crayfish in Central Texas.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Joshua Banta

2nd place: Rand Khalid “Maximizing the strength of composite materials by finding the optimum stacking

sequence.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Tahsin Khajah

3rd place: Bethany Collier “German or Texan?: 19th Century German Texan Conceptions of Nationality.” Faculty mentor: Dr. Matthew Stith


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