UT Tyler Honors Program

About the Lyceum

The Lyceum is the University of Texas at Tyler's largest student research showcase.

The term, lyceum, is often remembered as the location of Aristotle's school. As such, the Lyceum at UT Tyler serves as a opportunity for students to showcase their original research and work to the larger community. This annual event is held in the spring of each year and co-sponsored by the Honors Program and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

The 6th annual Lyceum Research Showcase was held April 16th, 2021 in a virtual format.

A PDF of the program can be viewed here.

Congratulations to our 2021 award winners!

Poster Presentations are available to view through UT Tyler ScholarWorks. We have 93 poster presentations from graduate and undergraduate students; we encourage you to view, engage, and leave comments for our presenters. 


Undergraduate Winners

3rd place: Briana Aguilar, "A Comparison of Macroinvertebrate Sampling Methods on a Stream System in Tyler, TX" with mentorship from Drs. Lance and Marsha Williams

2nd place: Justin and Connor Crowe, "Evaluation of the Efficacy of Various Hydrophobic Degrons for PROTAC-Mediated Degradation of the Androgen Receptor" with mentorship from Dr. Jiyong Lee

1st place: Zoe Santos, Arianna Bowlin; Danitza Castillo; Lacey Hester; Justin Melendez; Beckett Preston; Briseida Ramirez; Carlos Reyes; Alyssa Rojas; Jarrizze Santos, "Exploring Stigma Experienced by People with Parkinson's Disease, in Literature and Social Media" with mentorship from Drs. Beth Mastel-Smith and Melinda Hermanns

Graduate Winners:

3rd place: Annika Wurm, "The Use of DBT to Treat High-Risk Behaviors in Veteran Populations" with mentorship from Dr. Adam McGuire

2nd place: Mohammad Atmeh, "Performance Analysis of Triboelectric Energy Harvester Designs for Knee Implants" with mentorship from Dr. Wathiq Ibrahim

1st place: Lisa Cui, "Effect of Warm Mix Asphalt on Pavement Performance" with mentorship from Dr. Mena Souliman


Oral Presentations are available to view through UT Tyler ScholarWorks starting in mid-May.  Panels were scheduled for 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, and Noon.

Undergraduate Winners:

3rd place: Ashlynn Beaird, "Perceived Differences: Twentieth Century Eugenics and Scientific Racism in the West" with mentorship from Dr. Colin Snider

2nd place: Daniel du Preez, "Finding a Uniformly Most Reliable Graph" with mentorship from Dr. Christina Graves

1st place: Monu Jaiswal, "Design and Optimization of Acoustic Metamaterial for Focusing and Noise Reduction" with mentorship from Dr. Tahsin Khajah

Graduate Winners

3rd place: Grant Paul, "COVID-19 Guideline Compliance and Mental Health in Texas" with mentorship from Dr. Mark Owens

2nd place: Alexandra Craig, "Electrospun Drug-Loaded PLA fibers for Wound Dressings" with mentorship from Dr. Shih-Feng Chou

1st place: Ruth Nwokora, "The Political Agency of Women in Colonial Africa" with mentorship from Dr. Amentahru Wahlrab


Congrats to all our participants!!!



Student Divya presenting her reserach

Michaela Heys presenting her research