Microcredentials and Certificates

Microcredentials and Certificates

The University of Texas at Tyler is committed to empowering students to achieve their educational and career goals. Beyond our more than 90 degree programs, we offer a range of opportunities for students to learn and showcase skills they learn through curricular and co-curricular experiences. UT Tyler offers microcredentials and certificates to help students develop high demand skills.

What is a microcredential?

Microcredentials and certificates are short and focused educational credentials designed to provide learners with competencies and skills that are in high demand by employers and industry. Upon successful completion of some microcredentials, you will be issued a digital badge that can be displayed, verified and shared online, such as on resumes, LinkedIn and other professional social media profiles. A digital badge is a visual, digital representation of a credential, skill or competency that a student has gained through particular learning experiences.

Discover UT Tyler’s Microcredentials

UT Tyler offers three different types of microcredentials. Credit-bearing microcredentials are academic credentials with a varying range of credit hours. Non-credit-bearing microcredentials are industry credentials that do not offer academic credit, such as certificates offered through Continuing Education or Grow with Google. Co-curricular microcredentials are related to career development, applied learning and/or campus engagement, and they do not offer academic credit.

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What types of microcredentials and certificates are offered?

Academic Certifications

Academic credentials with a varying range of credit hours.

Continuing Education

Industry credentials that are non-credit-bearing, such as grow with Google. Certificates offered through Continuing Education.

Digital Skill Badges

Differentiate yourself in the competitive job market.

Industry Certificates

Non-credit industry certificates are offered on Coursera by Google, IBM, Meta, etc.

Why should you earn a microcredential?

Gain Skills

Gain high-demand skills that align with your career interests and increase your employability.

Showcase Your Skills

Showcase your skills and competencies to potential employers.

Differentiate Yourself

Differentiate yourself in the competitive job market.

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