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Certificate in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences

Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences

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Certificate in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences:

Earn a certificate in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences from The University of Texas at Tyler School of Medicine and you will enhance your academic preparation for further study toward a career in scientific research, working in a laboratory, or admission to a professional program such as medicine or pharmacy. This certificate provides a strong scientific foundation and understanding of the changing demands of today’s challenging scientific environment.

Program Benefits:

    • Complete the program through in-person classes at UT Tyler.
    • No GRE required to enter the program.
    • Minimum of 9 credit hours (CH) is required to earn certificate.
    • A versatile interdisciplinary program which offers individualized courses of study.

At least one course from each group and a minimum of 9 CH is required to earn this certificate:

Group 1

Students will be able to differentiate the functions of various biological processes and pathways.

    • Forensics – (BIOT 6340) - 3 CH
    • Advanced Immunology (BIOT 6334)– 3 CH
    • Advanced Metabolism (BIOT 5222) – 2 CH
    • Proteins and Nucleic Acids (BIOT 5221) – 2 CH

Group 2

Student will be able to compare assessments of and factors which contribute to public and/or mental health.

    • Biostatistics (PBHL 5317) – 3 CH
    • Public Health in Rural Populations (OEHS 5340) – 3 CH
    • Health Policy and Population Health (NURS 5321) – 3 CH
    • Nutrition and Functional Foods for Healthy Aging (ALHS 5325) – 3 CH

Group 3

Student will be able to differentiate key mechanisms which regulate and maintain homeostasis of biochemical or physiological processes.

    • Cellular Physiology (BIOL 5303) or Animal Physiology (BIOL 5338) – 3 CH
    • Biochemical Foundations and Treatment of Disease (CHEM 5321) – 3 CH
    • Advanced Biochemistry (CHEM 5320) – 3 CH
    • Psychopharmacology (PSYC 5354) 3 CH
    • Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics (NURS 5354) 3 CH