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Military and Veterans Success Center

Military and Veterans Success Center

UPDATED 1/10/2019 1530hours

All Hazlewood applications that were recieved and a "Complete Application  recieved and accepted"  by 1500 hours today should be on your account by midnight.

Hazlewood that whos complete application and Benefit Semester/Session request that was correct and recieved by 0800hrs 1/9/19 should have a DND if it was not paid by 0800 1/10/19

All CH33 whos complete application and Benefit Semester/Session request that was correct and  recieved by 0800hrs 1/10/19 has had a 0$ initial VA certification submitted and Do Not Drop (unless DND was Declined) placed on thier account. 

CH33 No money will be posted to the account untill after the Census Date when we can report final bills to the VA DND should prevent you being dropped-look on your student center for the Veteran Hold.

CH30/35/1606 whos complete application and Benefit Semester/Session request that was correct and recieved by 1700hrs 1/4/19  If requested and something elses did not pay your bill a DND was placed on your account.

CH31 whos complete application and Benefit Semester/Session request that was correct and recieved and name on the Tyler VR&E list of 1905 is current by 0800hrs 1/11/19 will be at least bill paid by COB 1/11/19 and VA certified if possible.

All applications recieved by 1400hrs today have been reviewed and replied to with complet or incomplete and further instructions as required.


VA processing updates will be posted here.

Spring Bill due Dates

  • PharmD 8 Week 1                  1/4/19
  • 7 Week 1                                1/10/19         
  • 16/15 week regular session   1/11/19
  • PharmD 8 Week 2                  3/1/19
  • 7 Week 2                                3/12/19


Deadlines: (must have complete file/Application  and Veterans Benefit Education Session/Semester Request before these dates)

Spring 19 on time dates   

Application Packets-All VA, Hazlewood and TA initial and Hazlewood Continuation(if required)

  • 12/11/19

Veteran Education Benefit Semester/Sessin Request Form (formerly enrollment certification request)

  • 12/11/18 All except Pharmacy and CH31          
  • 1/9/19 CH31 get on the list CH31-if using the Tyler VocRehab Office or Get me an updated 1905-CH31 if not using the Tyler VocRehab office
  • 1/2/19 CH33-PharmD 


VA  message dated 11/28/2018. GI Bill UPDATE AS OF 28 NOVEMBER 2018

Short version as we understand it.

BAH will be paid based on the Tyler Campus zip code until the Spring 2020 semester.  Yes Spring 2020, barring any more complications that cause more delays.  The VA is still trying to find a way to make the necessary computer changes that are required to account for the multiple zip codes.  

Zip code BAH will only be paid for on campus classes-not clinicals/practicals/internships, as that would be almost impossible from a processing and IT standpoint. Luckily this means when they do fix this we will only have 4 zip codes to enter instead of every zip code in East Texas and Houston. And it will not slow us down as much as we feared.  

If you are being overpaid i.e. Palestine the VA "Promises" you will not receive a debt for the overpaid BAH while they work this out.

If you are being underpaid i.e. Houston the VA "Promises" you will get back pay eventually after they fix all of this and make us go back and edit each and every certification for classes not on the Tyler Campus from Fall 2018 forward.

I do expect they will eventually fix this.  But do not plan on getting extra pay until after the VA fixes everything and actually back pays you.  It could still be delayed again.

If you have any questions about this please direct them to the VA Education department.  Any answers we have will be posted on this website and we will continue to update this page as we recieve new information.


 The VA is experiancing on average 2 weeks long delay in payments. 6-7 Weeks after we submit in the VA system, and you should get a email directly when we do (barring VA computer problems)


VA Rate of Pursuit  Full Time/Part Time Information Webpage



The mission of the Veterans Resource Center is to provide individualized, relationship-centered support and advocacy in order to create a full-spectrum pipeline of information to help veterans and dependents navigate from the military to a career, while instilling the need to continue developing leadership abilities.

Here at the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) we help facilitate Veterans Education Benefits by accepting complete Applications, Certifying and Processing Veterans Educational Benefits for Veterans and Dependants-GI Bill/VocRehab/DEA.  We also accept Federal TA Forms and Hazlewood Applications.  All applications are reviewed for eligibility and completeness prior to us notifying you that its is complete.


Please note: All benefit applications/email communications

Must be Emailed from your UT Tyler Student Email Account
Attachments must be in PDF format to guarantee we can open, view and process your application
Must have all required documents sent together in one email No incomplete applications are accepted

What we offer:

Veterans Education Benefit Processing/Certification
Computer with Scanner to submit your education benefit application
Lounge area with video games and TV
Place to network
Loaner textbooks and Study guides: GRE, GMAT, MCAT, SAT, ACT, etc
Place to network and Reservable meeting room for study/group projects
Resume help
Employment through VA work study (GI Bill/Voc Rehab/DEA)
Peer-to-peer tutoring/mentoring
PTSD support
Connection to SVO officers
Student trips to conferences (SVA national conference)

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