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06/30/2020   Dynamic Duo: UT Tyler Alums Support One Another Amid COVID-19

06/30/2020   A Winning Combo: Former NFL Stars Team Up with UT Tyler to Enhance Sports Medicine

06/30/2020   Q&A: Tran Values UT Tyler's Caring Community

06/30/2020   Retail Strong: UT Tyler Senior Serves His Community Amid Pandemic

06/30/2020   Q&A: Get to Know the Family Behind the New Chemical Engineering Program

06/30/2020   From Across the Pond: Student Researcher Shines Bright at UT Tyler

06/30/2020   Q&A: Cooper Finds Caring Atmosphere at UT Tyler

06/30/2020   UT Tyler Propels Sibal to Pharmacy Profession, Fundamental Research

05/28/2020   Alumna Melissa Ford Begins Public Policy Career at the White House

05/28/2020   Dr. Catherine Ross Leads UT System Academy of Distinguished Teachers

05/28/2020   University Academy Honors Educators for Advancing Student Success

05/28/2020   Adviser Kristie Allen Uses Social Media to Support Students During Pandemic

05/28/2020   Alumna Lynne Maddox Earns Top Teaching Award at Austin-Area School

05/28/2020   Q&A: UT Tyler Alumnus and Family Engineered for Success

05/28/2020   UT Tyler College of Engineering Revels in Spring Semester Successes

05/28/2020   Q&A: UT Tyler Launched Foley into Successful Law Career

05/28/2020   Overcoming the Odds: UT Tyler Alumna Finds Hope Through Education

05/28/2020   Reality Fair Helps UT Tyler Students Become Financially Successful

05/28/2020   Q&A: UT Tyler Provides Kenyoru an Opportunity to Serve County

05/28/2020   UT Tyler Fisch College of Pharmacy Makes an Impact During Pandemic

05/12/2020   Answering the Call: Students, Alumni Lend Aid During COVID-19 Pandemic

05/12/2020   LUC Keeping Community Safe During Pandemic

05/12/2020   Q&A: Garmon Credits UT Tyler for Her Success

05/12/2020   From Teacher to Nurse: Palestine Student Follows Daughter's Footsteps

04/20/2020   From Research to Racing: A Spotlight on Donor Billy Hibbs, Jr.

04/20/2020   Stop the Stresses: UT Tyler Team Creates Algorithms for Wearable Devices to Decrease Physician Burnout

04/20/2020   Q&A: Get to Know Donor Billy Hibbs, Jr.

04/20/2020   Business Resource Center Offers Guidance During Pandemic

04/20/2020   Reflecting on Her Journey: A Vist with Inaugural Class Valedictorian

04/20/2020   Q&A: Strong Community Led Niyomugabo to UT Tyler

04/20/2020   Dr. Neil Ford Retires After 4 Decades of Excellence

04/20/2020   Grad Students Mentor Undergrads in New Student Success Initiative

04/20/2020   Literacy Professor Promotes Building Pre-Reading Skills in Young Children

02/25/2020   Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed. Recognized as a Top Online Program

02/25/2020   A Step in the Right Direction: UT Tyler Partners with Organization to Support Area Cancer Patients

02/25/2020   Power of the Mind: UT Tyler's Benjamin Tseng Makes an Impact Through Brain Aging Research

02/25/2020   Q&A: UT Tyler Pharmacy Alumna Shares Her Story, Advice

02/25/2020   Students Develop Strengths, Strategies with Leader Site Initiative

01/31/2020   HEC Teams Win Scholarships at NASA Design Challenge

01/31/2020   Mechanical Engineering Students to Compete in International Race

01/31/2020   Financial Management Students Get Real-World Stock Market Experience

01/31/2020   Department of Technology Robotics Team Earns Awards at National Conference

01/30/2020   Brotherly Love: Siblings in Inaugural Class Share Their Love of Tyler and the University

01/30/2020   Following Her Family: UT Tyler Alumna Returns Home to Work at Father’s Pharmacy

01/30/2020   UT Tyler to Begin Efforts to Investigate Vaping Epidemic Among East Texas Teens

01/30/2020   A Motherly Instinct: Dr. Jimi Francis Shares Passion to Help Mothers Through Her Research

01/30/2020   On the Other Side: Nursing Associate Professor Learns While Teaching Overseas in China

01/30/2020   Alzheimer's Research: Neuropsychology Team Develops Virtual-Reality Memory Tests

01/30/2020   'A' for Excellence: University Academy Earns Top State Rating With Distinctions

01/30/2020   Winona Elementary Improves Student Outcomes in Collaboration With UT Tyler

01/30/2020   Language and Technology Minor: University Offers Studies in Digital Communication

01/30/2020   New Chemistry Specialization: Degree Track Offered in Fermentation Science

11/06/2019   Terracon Gifts $10,000 for Alumni Wall of Honor

10/30/2019   UT Tyler Makes Major Headlines for Statewide Polling on Trending Topics

10/30/2019   University Offers Comprehensive Advising for Medical School Acceptance

10/30/2019   Lauren Johnson Receives Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award

10/30/2019   UT Tyler Leads Effort to Prepare 5th – 10th Graders for College Success

10/30/2019   Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Focuses Curriculum on Underserved Communities

10/30/2019   Professor Amy Hayes Receives Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award

10/30/2019   Houston Students Lead Team Participation in NASA Challenge

10/30/2019   School of Nursing Enhances Patient Care in East Texas with EBP Conference

10/30/2019   Smoking Out Tobacco: Clinical Professor Helps Pass ‘Tobacco 21’ Law in Texas

10/30/2019   UT Tyler Research Addresses Effects of Opioid Crisis on Healthcare Resources

10/30/2019   From East Texas to Austin: Pharmacy Student Advocates for Change at the Capitol

10/30/2019   Professor, Student Research Changes How We Use Computers

10/30/2019   Online MBA Program Ranked Seventh in Nation