Executive Compliance Committee

Executive Compliance Committee

Office of Compliance

The Executive Compliance Committee (ECC) is mandated by the UT System and provides executive-level decision-making for the University’s compliance program. It serves as an extension of the Regents’ Audit Compliance and Management Review Committee (ACMR) in providing oversight of the University’s compliance program. The ECC meets quarterly. 

The ECC:

  • assigns compliance responsibility to compliance leaders at all levels of management and establishes clear lines of compliance program authority;
  • approves standards and procedures for the compliance program;
  • allocates resources for the Office of Compliance infrastructure and for compliance activities that are part of University compliance function; and
  • approves the work plan, including plans to mitigate compliance risks to the University, and monitors the execution of the work plan.

The UT System mandates that the ECC must consist of the executive senior management and the President must serve as the chair of this committee.

ECC Members:

  • Kirk Calhoun, President
  • Donny Henry, Executive Director of Compliance and CCO
  • Dwain Morris, Executive Vice President for Administration and CBO
  • Amir Mirmiran, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs 
  • Julie Philley, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs
  • Stephanie Fenter, Chief of Staff and Vice President for Strategic Plannning
  • Steven Cox, Senior Vice President for Clinical Affairs
  • Natalie Harms, Senior Vice President, Finance (Interim Appointee)
  • Cindy Scott, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and CHRO
  • Ona Tolliver, Senior Vice President of Student Success
  • Carl Baranowski, Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs and CLO
  • Isai Ramirez, Vice President of Information Technology, CIO
  • Stephen Ford, Vice President of Internal Audit and Chief Audit Executive
  • Howard Patterson, Vice President of Athletics
  • Amentahru Wahlrab, Assoc. Professor of Political Science and Faculty Senate President