Contract Administration


Department Contract Management

Generally, departmental program staff and the department supervisor (collectively, “Program Staff) are tasked with primary contract management and any reporting or other necessary actions following contract formation.  Each Department is required to have a designated Department Contract Administrator/Manager (DCA) and a Budget Authority. 


At a high level, contract management includes the following general requirements:

  • Ensuring UTT is receiving the goods/services (or other obligations/requirements) it paid for;
  • Providing the contracted party is complying with contract requirements; and
  • Confirm performance under the contract is complete, and the contract may be closed and fully paid.

Definition: Contract Management - The term applies to actions taken following contract execution, including the assessment of risk, verification of contractor performance, monitoring compliance with deliverable and reporting requirements, enforcement of contract terms, monitoring and reporting of vendor performance, and ensuring that contract performance and practices are consistent with applicable rules, laws and the State of Texas Procurement Manual and Contract Management Guide.


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