Facilities Management

The department of sustainability works collaboratively with administration, faculty, staff and students to develop, coordinate and promote sustainability initiatives on campus and in the community.


The facilities managed recycle program at UT Tyler reduces the amount of general waste on campus, saves university funds and positively impacts the environment.

Facilities Management utilizes a single stream recycling service provided by the City of Tyler.

The following items are accepted for recycling: 

      • Paper: newspapers, magazines, phone books and copy paper                            
      • Plastic (# 1 and # 2 rinsed, crushed and lids removed – example: water or soda bottles)       
      • Aluminum cans rinsed and crushed
      • Cardboard broken down
      • Glass is not accepted at this time

Each building common area on campus is supplied with a 23 gallon recycle bin. 

10 gallon desk bins are available by request. Please contact Bonnie Davis.


If you need assistance please submit a work request or call 903-566-7291.

Bonnie Davis Manager, Sustainability

Andy Krouse Executive Director, Facilities Management