Travel Services FAQs

Travel Services FAQ

Office of Financial Services

What amount is reimbursed for mileage?

The 2024 mileage rate for Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2024 is 67 cents per mile.

The 2023 mileage rate for Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2023 was 65.5 cents per mile.

Are meals allowed on one-day trips?

No, non-overnight meals are not reimbursable expenses.

Where can I find the mileage between locations?

Use MapQuest. MapQuest is UT Tyler's designated online mapping service.

How do I book a rental car?

Choose one of the following UT System mandated car rental companies:

Avis/Budget Group (Enter TA in the Cost Control field.)
Enterprise /National (Enter TA when making the reservation)
Hertz Membership Setup (One time only.)
Hertz Membership Login (Enter TA in CDP field.)

Can state funds be used to pay for student travel?

No. Local funds must be used for student travel.

How are meals reimbursed (breakfast, lunch and dinner)?

Meals are reimbursable up to the maximum rate, not to exceed actual expenses.
Departments may adopt lower rates (employees must be notified in writing before implementation of lower rates).

How are registration fees paid?

Registration fees are paid using a procard, a travel card or using a Non-PO voucher payable directly to the vendor. Registration fees paid by the employee must be reimbursed after the event (E.g. conference, seminar, training, etc.) has occurred.

How will I reimburse a prospective employee?

A prospective employee is reimbursed the same as an employee. The prospective employee's airfare is centrally billed and booked through one of UT System's contracted travel agencies, Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) or Anthony Travel (ATI). Payment of a spouse's airfare from state funds is not allowed. If the prospective employee is reimbursed for a spouse's ticket, the payment must be made from a Local account. All receipts are required, including meal receipts.

How do I make a change to an existing TA?

A TA that has been submitted cannot be changed. The TA can be canceled and a new TA created.

What is an incidental travel expense (expenses must be related to travel)?

  • Business calls
  • Postage
  • Copy charges
  • Notary fees
  • Books purchased
  • Gasoline charges
  • Foreign travel, passport, visa charges, departure taxes
  • Baggage fees

How do I reimburse state employees from other UT institutions?

Please contact the Travel team directly at for assistance. A temporary employee ID must be created. Email the Travel Office a completed POI form and a temporary ID will be issued. Once travel is completed, all receipts are required including meal receipts and the Travel team will walk you through the payment process.

What are reimbursable travel expenses? See Travel Program Policies and Procedures.

  • Airline ticket
  • Rental vehicle
  • Parking (Airport parking fees are reimbursable including state taxes if any.)
  • Taxi
  • Business calls
  • Tolls
  • Copy and facsimile charges
  • Postage
  • Notary fees
  • Hotel
  • Books purchased for business use
  • Foreign travel, passport, visa charges, departure taxes
  • Cost of money orders
  • Gasoline charges, vehicle rentals (only)
  • Taxes instate occupancy (on allowed amount), out of state, all taxes (on allowed amount)
  • Baggage fees (one bag each way)
  • Tips or gratuities on pre-tax amount when paid from institutional ("local") funds

What expenses are non-reimbursable, partial list? See Travel Program Policies and Procedures.

  • Tips or gratuities when paid from state funds (21XX funds)
  • Excess baggage charges for personal belongings
  • Personal expenses, purchase of in-room video rentals, alcoholic beverages, dry cleaning or laundry
  • Kennel expenses for pets
  • Texas Hotel occupancy taxes (in-state travel only)

What about direct billings for hotels, rental cars, or centrally billed airfare? Should I encumber the amounts to pay for these expenses?

No. Any amounts listed on a TA are encumbered only to reimburse the traveler, and therefore will not be available for direct billings. It is recommended that you only encumber amounts needed to reimburse the traveler. However, all anticipated expenses need to be listed in the Comments Section or an attachment to the TA for disclosure to the Budget Authority prior to his/her approval. If you expect no out of pocket expense reimbursement to the traveler, encumber only a penny.