Position Review Committee

Position Review Committee

Office of Human Resources


ANNOUNCEMENT (March 31, 2021)

UT Tyler’s Executive Cabinet has established a Position Review Committee. The committee members include, Kris Kavasch, SVP / CFO; Cindy Scott, SVP / Chief Human Resources Officer; Kimberly Laird, SVP / Chief Operating Officer; Joe Woelkers, EVP / Chief Business Officer; and Amir Mirmiran, EVP / Provost.


The Position Review Committee (PRC) will review and discuss all open hiring requests to ensure that they satisfy operational needs, are aligned with the department budgets and strategic plans. To begin this process, hiring managers must review and receive approval from their department leader for all new and replacement hiring requests.  With approval, complete and submit the Hiring Authorization Request Form and Position Change Authorization Form found in Docusign. If you have open positions in your department, replacement back-fills or budgeted new hires, not “frozen” positions during 2020, these position may be considered.

Once the committee reviews and approves, Human Resources will notify you and the recruitment process may begin.

The following positions will need the appropriate forms submitted (regardless of funding source):

·         A&P and Classified Staff positions (budgeted, temporary/casual, full-time or part-time)

·         Faculty positions (full-time)

Part-time faculty/instructional support, all student positions and supplemental payments for academic alternate assignments do not need to be documented on the authorization forms.


Our process has changed.  In order to establish pay equity, positions will be reviewed by HR to conduct either an internal or an external demographic compensation analysis prior to submitting the position to PRC.  A salary range will be discussed with and provided to hiring managers to help draft the Hiring Authorization Request Form or Position Change Authorization Form to be submitted to PRC.

Once a candidate is selected, offers shall be discussed/reviewed with HR.

To expedite the offer process, here are the steps to take:  

For an advertised Classified Staff/A&P position,

-          Send an email to humanresources@uttyler.edu with the following information:

o   Name of the Candidate

o   Position

o   Proposed salary offer

o   Proposed start date

o   Hiring Documents: Hiring Matrix, Interview Notes, Reference Checks 

-          HR will review and respond with approval to proceed with verbal offer.

For an advertised Faculty position,

-          Submit the following documents to the Provost Office:

o   Curriculum Vitae of the selected candidate

o   Draft offer letter

o   Faculty Offer Budget Worksheet

-          The Provost Office will review and respond accordingly.

Due to partnering with HR prior an offer being made, the Hiring Authorization Form is no longer required to be routed for approval.

If you have any questions, feel free to email HR at humanresources@uttyler.edu.



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