Password Reset Survival Kit

Password Reset Survival Kit

Information Technology

For security purposes, UT Tyler employees are required to change their UTTYLER password periodically. If you need to reset your password, please visit and click on the purple Employee Password Reset tile. 

Password Reset Survival Kit

What to do after changing your Employee Password

NOTE: The following factors that need to be taken into consideration are only after the password is successfully changed or reset.

Office Computer
  • Make sure you LOG OFF the computer and LOG IN with the new password


  • Bring the laptop to campus and connect it to our network with a hard wired connection (network cable)
  • Once connected, login to the device with the new password
Surface Pro

  • Click on the wireless icon Wireless icon on the Task Bar (right-hand corner of the screen) and make sure UT Tyler DirectAccess Connection is present
  • UT Tyler DirectAccess Connection MUST say "Action needed"

UT Tyler DirectAccess Connection

  • If "Action needed" is present, you DO NOT have to take further action with DirectAccess
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select Lock
  • Sign back in with the new password
  • Bring the Surface Pro to campus to have it plugged into our network
  • Because this device requires a dongle, you can bring it to RBN 3022 and one of our IT staff will be more than happy to connect the device to our network
  • Once connected, login to the device with your new password

Phones or Tablets – Android, Apple, or Microsoft

The password MUST be updated on these devices as well.

Android devices – phone or tablet

  1. Tap on the Settings icon.
  2. Tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
  3. Under Common Settings, tap Settings.
  4. Under Account Settings, tap your username.
  5. Tap Password to update your password.

Apple devices – phone or tablet

  1. Tap on the Setting icon.
  2. Tap Mail (Mail, Contacts, Calendars on older devices).
  3. Tap Accounts
  4. Tap the UT Tyler/work account
  5. Tap your email account (i.e.,
  6. Type the new password in the Password field
  7. Press Done.