Information Technology

DirectAccess allows connectivity for remote users to UT Tyler's network resources, such as Shared Drives, P drive, etc.

How to Connect to DirectAccess:

Click on the wireless icon to view additional Internet access options

wireless icon

Select UT Tyler DirectAccess Connection

UT Tyler DirectAccess Connection

A new window will open > click on Action Needed to view more instructions

DirectAccess Action Needed

DirectAccess lets you know that you need to sign in > click Continue

DirectAccess your login info is needed

Windows Security pop-up will notify you to enter your credentials > click OK

Enter credentials on authentic Windows sing-in screen

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard to continue

Press Control Alt Delete

After you press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, the screen will go black with the exception of the DirectAccess screen requesting a One-time password. 


  • Have your cell phone ready because you will be asked to authenticate with DUO
  • For the One-time password, you must type the word push (as seen in the image below). As you type, you will only see asterisk symbol (^) and not the word "push" > click OK

DirectAccess Push

You will receive a notification from DUO on your phone > press Approve

Duo Notification

You can check if you are successfully connected to DirectAccess by clicking again on the wireless icon. You will then see:

DirectAccess Connected

NOTE: If you are having issues connecting to DirectAccess, sometimes simply restarting the computer can resolve the problem.


How to Disconnect from DirectAccess:

  1. Click on the wireless icon
  2. Select UT Tyler DirectAccess Connection Connected
  3.  In the new window, click on UT Tyler DirectAccess Connection Connected to view more options
  4. Click Disconnect