Wireless Services

Wireless Services

Information Technology

The wireless network at The University of Texas at Tyler uses 802.11b/g/n to allow the members of the UT Tyler community to connect to the UT Tyler network using multiple wireless devices.

Overview of the UT Tyler WiFi networks:


  • Provides secure communications
  • Provides access to campus resources
  • Requires an UTTyler (faculty and staff) or PATRIOTS (students) account for access
  • Requires a setup process


  • Is an unencrypted (unsecure) WiFi network
  • Provides access to campus resources and Internet
  • Requires user to open web browser and accept Acceptable Use Policy
  • Does not require an UTTyler or PATRIOTS account for access

Residence Life WiFi

  • Internet access for Residence Life is NOT serviced by the university
  • Apogee provides Internet access and technical support
  • For more information, please contact Residence Life at housing@uttyler.edu or 903.566.7008

What if I have questions, comments or suggestions?

Please don't hesitate to email us at itsupport@uttyler.edu or come by RBN 3022.

UT Tyler Policy Acknowledgment:

  • Unauthorized use is prohibited.
  • Usage may be subject to security testing and monitoring.
  • Misuse is subject to criminal prosecution.
  • No expectation of privacy except as otherwise provided by applicable privacy laws.

Do NOT send your password.

Do NOT send your Social Security Number.