National Survey of Student Engagement

National Survey of Student Engagement

Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

Data from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is administered to UT Tyler freshmen and seniors every other year spring semester. UT Tyler adheres to the Indiana University Bloomington Institutional Review Board (IUB-IRB) for governance of the NSSE administration and sampling protocol. Information on the required administrative guidelines is available at IUB-IRB Protocol. 

2022 UT Tyler Reports

2022 Engagement Indicators
2022 Campus Environment Indicators

2022 Frequencies and Statistical Comparisons 
2022 High-Impact Practices 
2022 Snapshot

2022 Topical Module: First-Year Experiences & Senior Transitions

2020 UT Tyler Reports

2020 Engagement Indicators
2020 Campus Environment Indicators
2020 Frequencies and Statistical Comparisons
2020 High-Impact Practices
2020 Snapshot

2018 UT Tyler Reports

2018 Engagement Indicators
2018 Campus Environment Indicators
2018 Frequencies and Statistical Comparisons
2018 High-Impact Practices
2018 Snapshot

2017 UT Tyler Reports

2017 Engagement Indicators
2017 Campus Environment Indicators
2017 Frequencies and Statistical Comparisons
2017 High-Impact Practices
2017 Snapshot

2016 UT Tyler Reports

2016 Engagement Indicators
2016 Campus Environment Indicators
2016 Frequencies and Statistical Comparisons
2016 High-Impact Practices
2016 Snapshot

UT Tyler Reports Prior to 2016

NSSE annual reports prior to 2016 are available by request. Please contact the AIE office for copies of these reports.