UT Tyler Social Media Guidelines


Social Media Guidelines

Instagram is a social media network that uses a mobile app to capture and share pictures between users. Using filters through a mobile app, photos are given a unique, finished look. Instagram can also be viewed via the web, displaying recent photos. Because Instagram requires posting photos, it can be time consuming. Consider the time and department resources needed to maintain an Instagram account.

Below are Instagram account guidelines for official units, programs, departments, research facilities or schools.

Instagram Account Setup and Guidelines

  • Department, unit, program and organization sites are to be set up by the department head or with department head permission.
  • Contact the Office of Marketing and Communications to apply for an official UT Tyler Instagram account.
  • When setting up your Instagram account, use ONLY an official UT Tyler group email address for the account. UT Tyler personal email accounts are not to be used.
  • Set up your account using acceptable names such as "UT Tyler Department of Biology," "The University of Texas at Tyler Library," "UT Tyler GATE" or other names related to the department. (Please refrain from using "UTT" or "UT T," instead spell out the official name by either using "UT Tyler your name" or "The University of Texas at Tyler your name.")
  • Setting up social media accounts using only official university names is prohibited. (i.e. "UT Tyler," The University of Texas at Tyler," "UT Patriots," "Patriots Tyler,'' etc.)
  • Unapproved accounts are NOT to use official university names.
  • Have at least two responsible parties as administrators for maintaining your Instagram account.
  • Once your account is approved and set up, share login credentials with the UT Tyler social media team.
    • The UT Tyler social media team is not responsible for updating department/organization sites, but will offer support and ensure continuity throughout any turnover in university personnel.
  • If the password is changed, please send the updated information to the UT Tyler social media team.

The UT Tyler social media policy and all other related university policies must be followed at all times.

Start Posting!

  • Download the Instagram mobile app to your mobile phone.
  • Post your best photos often and share them with your followers. Sharing frequently will increase your traffic and followers, encouraging participation in your account.
  • "Like'' photos on Instagram by double-tapping the photo.
  • Mention others by using "@". This will tag another user to your comment.
  • Use hashtags "#" with a topic word, such as #uttyler to increase viewership and followers.
  • Who should you follow? Don't follow out of obligation, follow who is relevant to your page.
  • NOTE: Do not steal other photos and post them as your own.

Questions? Contact the UT Tyler social media team.

Account backup requirement: After creating your login credentials, share that information with the UT Tyler Web team.