UT Tyler Web Publishing Standards

Images, Graphics and Multimedia

UT Tyler Web Publishing Standards

Image and Graphic Guidelines

The University of Texas at Tyler owns and controls its name, marks, logos, images and identifiable properties and landmarks and symbols that have become commonly associated with UT Tyler. Parties or individuals seeking permission to use UT Tyler marks should contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.

UT Tyler Logo Usage Policy

Using Images on the Web

Images should be sized exactly as they will be displayed on the page. 

  • Use jpg (pictures), gif or png (graphics) formats.
  • Optimize images to the correct file size displayed on the page.
  • Graphic buttons should NOT be used. Instead, use call-to-action links for linking content.
  • Images should NEVER take the place of text.
  • To adhere to accessibility guidelines, avoid using images or buttons for content on the page.
  • Do not lift images or graphics or any part of the UT Tyler template from UT Tyler web pages or other areas of the web to be used on department sites, other websites or elsewhere.
  • Image maps should not be used.
  • Contact the web team to set up your image rotator.

Image Editing Instructions


  • Video and audio clips are required to have an accessibility text alternative, and should facilitate easy searching.
  • If Youtube close caption is used, it should be edited to be consistent with the content in the video.
  • All Javascript must be accessible or have an accessibility alternative.
  • All Flash or similar multimedia must either have ''cosmetic'' content or an accessible alternative.
  • Video, in most cases, should be housed on UT Tyler's YouTube account.
  • Multimedia not following the UT Tyler Accessibility Guidelines will be removed from the UT Tyler website.

For video to be posted on UT Tyler's You Tube account, email web@uttyler.edu.

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