Naming Binary Files PDF, Word

Binary File Naming Guidelines (PDF, Word, Etc.)

UT Tyler Web Publishing Standards

Naming PDF/Word Documents

  • When naming documents,images or files, use lowercase separated by hyphens. Avoid spaces, capital letters or underscores. Users will receive an error when attempting to upload/rename a file not following these style conventions.
  • Upload files into the correct "files" folder within the department directory. Attempting to upload into the incorrect folder will result in an error message.
  • Updated files should REPLACE the current file. Any old files no longer linked to pages on the server should be deleted to prevent search engines from indexing old content. 

Use a descriptive name for all filenames. Using descriptive filenames for documents will assist the search engine optimization.

Example (filename and directory structure)

  • YES:
  • NO:
    • NOTE: ALL Old binary files should be deleted from the server in OU Campus.
  • YES:
  • NO: Credit Score 2012 updated.pdf

Example: (filename)

  • YES: summer-camp.pdf
  • NO: Summer_Camp_REVISED.pdf

  • YES: exemption-request-form.pdf
  • NO: Exemption Request Form.pdf

  • YES: requirements.pdf
  • NO: Requirements.pdf

Please work with the UT Tyler Web team before moving a file or directory or renaming files. Moving content could effect important links on the UT Tyler Web server and search engine optimization.

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