UT Tyler Web Publishing Standards

UT Tyler Web Publishing Standards and Guidelines

Policies and Standards

NOTE: These standards will be updated periodically to incorporate responsive design.

These standards are intended to assist website creators in professionally and consistently representing UT Tyler on the Web.


  • Identity: The University of Texas at Tyler branding allows visitors to recognize immediately a Web page's affiliation with UT Tyler.
  • Usability: Sites must be made as usable as possible for the widest audience. Sites optimized for usability are quick and easy to use, consistent in navigation and easy to understand.
  • Consistency: UT Tyler is committed to maintaining a high level of consistency across Web pages in different areas of the university's website.

UT Tyler Website

To ensure the UT Tyler website reflects the strategic goals of the university, the UT Tyler Web team has overall responsibility of the university website and home page content. Department sites are periodically checked by the UT Tyler Web team for marketing, branding, clear communication, consistency and proper use of the UT Tyler brand, usability and template guidelines.


Any Web document that represents UT Tyler or its official units, programs, departments, research facilities or schools is expected to follow this Web style guide.

All departmental/unit Web pages are to adhere to the UT Tyler Web standards as outlined in this document.

Failure to comply will result in the website creator being asked to make the necessary corrections. Failing this within 5 business days, notification will be sent to the person who has administrative oversight over the area the website represents.

Continued failure could result in the removal of links from the UT Tyler website and removal of department files of the UT Tyler Web server.

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