UT Tyler Web Publishing Standards, Guidelines

UT Tyler Web Publishing Standards

Student Organizations

UT Tyler student organization websites may not be used to conduct official university business without the explicit permission of the sponsoring official unit and Student Engagement.

Student organizations may not use the university wordmark, logo or UT Tyler template for creation of their website without expressed written permission. Use of the UT Tyler template for student organization site development is not permitted. Domain names may not contain "uttyler" in the domain name.

Recommendations for organization websites are as follows:

  • Student organizations can publish their website with their own domain name using Web space on servers such as godaddy.com.
  • Facebook can be set up for a student organization website.
  • Free space is available on sites such as Google.
  • Student organizations may request Web space for a student organization website on the UT Tyler server. Student organizations must supply Web-ready .HTML files to the Web communications team at least once per academic semester for upload to the UT Tyler Web server. Sites must follow the above guidelines and may not use the UT Tyler template, wordmark or logo.

General Policies

The university reserves the right to remove the student organization link to any page it finds in violation of the above policies.

  • Each student organization will designate a Web author who is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the information and assuring the published content is the most current information available.
  • Creators of websites are responsible for keeping their pages accurate and up-to-date. At the beginning of each academic semester, it is the responsibility of the student organization Web author to update and remove obsolete information.
  • The student organization is responsible for keeping Student Engagement up-to-date with the student organization website and Web author information.
  • To assure that university websites are widely accessible, creators should endeavor to support a variety of browsers and connection speeds,Web accessibility and follow copyright guidelines.
  • The policies contained in these guidelines are subject to revision with suitable notice. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that they are at all times in compliance with the then applicable policy.

Site Recommendations

  • Name of department or organization
  • Mission
  • Goals
  • Officers
  • Contact information
  • Advisor
    • Student organization websites should be approved by the organization advisor.
    • Web author
    • Web content should be designed using HTML or XHTML standards and designed for ease of use and visibility on common browsers.

Student organization websites should comply with all accessibility and copyright guidelines.

For more information, contact Student Engagement.