Patriot Pillar Award

Patriot Pillar Award

The Patriot Pillar award is given  quarterly in recognition of how full-time professional staff in the Division of Student Success have gone above and beyond to fulfill the expectations of the university strategic plan.  

Awardees are nominated by colleagues

Camry Tharp & Linda Long received the award for the first quarter of 2021!  

Camry TharpLinda Long

Q1 pillar award

Join us in congratulating the 2020 recipients: 

December 2020 Samantha Cockrell
November 2020 Rob Smith
October 2020 Ashleigh Dinkins
September 2020 Dave Hill
August 2020 Blair Warren
July 2020 Wess Reed
June 2020 Jeannie Hurst
May 2020 Heather Bloodsworth
April 2020 Les Glover
March 2020 Jodi Bane
February 2020 Ashley Davis
January 2020 Shane-Justin Nu'uhiwa


Former Student Success awards include the Student Success Partnership Award and the Outstanding Student Affairs Professional Award.