Mission, Vision and Core Values

Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy


To advance public health and wellness in East Texas and beyond through innovation and collaboration in pharmacy education, scholarship and advocacy.


To be the preeminent college of pharmacy that fosters leaders in pharmacy practice, education, scholarship, and public service to care for rural and other underserved populations.

Core Values

The College embraces the following core values as part of its academic and professional culture. The core values are  used to guide our interactions with all current and future stakeholders:

  • Integrity – honesty, fairness, and respect for individual worth
  • Optimism – supportive, positive, and hopeful
  • Curiosity – inquisition, investigation, and discovery of the possible
  • Accountability– transparency, responsibility, and commitment
  • Leadership – inspiration, collaboration, and advocacy
  • Initiative – purpose, innovation, and lifelong learning
  • Development – growth, maturity, and cultivation

The core values guide how the Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy hires faculty and staff, recruits students, develops didactic and experiential learning components, and engages the professional and lay communities.

Goals - Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Health Outcomes

  • Maintain a high-quality educational environment based on the principles of team-based learning.
  • Enrich department academic and research productivity through targeted recruitment and implementation of faculty development programs.
  • Serve as a beacon for East Texas by engaging students in research and scholarly activities and contributing to the advancement of knowledge.

Goals - Department of Clinical Sciences

  • General
    • Promote collegiality and comradery within the department resulting in excellence in teaching, practice, service, scholarship and research.
  • Educating Pharmacists for Future Practice
    • Provide students individualized learning opportunities that prepares them to be active participants in the care of their future patients.
    • Develop and implement innovative teaching modules that incorporate contemporary real-life issues faced by practicing pharmacists and health care teams.
    • Incorporate assessment data, student feedback, and peer observation of teaching into the continuous improvement process for individual faculty.
    • Develop and implement supplemental learning opportunities to improve student success in didactic and skill-based courses.
    • Develop and implement continuing education for preceptors and practicing pharmacists.
    • Develop and implement interprofessional learning opportunities for students across the curriculum.
  • Pharmacy Practice and Service
    • Implement a sustainable health literacy program in East Texas to improve patient outcomes.
    • Provide leadership and expertise in the battle to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with substance abuse disorders through education and intervention.
    • Address the unmet health care needs of the rural and underserved populations through education and intervention.
    • Advocate for the patient and the pharmacy profession.
    • Incorporate students into faculty practice, service programs, and research to increase students’ appreciation of contemporary pharmacy practice and advance their knowledge and skills.
  • Research and Scholarship
    • Develop community partnerships which enrich the community, address unmet health needs, advance research and scholarship, and/or promote the pharmacy profession.
    • Identify opportunities for collaboration with researchers from other departments, colleges, universities and institutions.
    • Identify funding, leadership, and development opportunities for faculty.
    • Promote a culture of disseminating faculty research and scholarship.