Procurement Card - Check Vendor Status

Procurement Services

For purchases of $500 or more from vendors based in Texas, the cardholder is required to research the vendor's hold status by using the "TINS - Vendor Hold Search" function. If the vendor is not on hold, the following message will be displayed "No vendor hold record was found for the search criteria." The cardholder should print this page and retain with other supporting documentation. If the vendor is on hold, the vendor record will be displayed. Do not purchase from a vendor on hold with the state. If you receive multiple records with like names, please contact the Purchasing Department for assistance.

Source - Texas Administrative Code (34 TAC Part 1, Chapter 5, Subchapter E, Rule 5.57):
State agencies are not allowed to do business with or make payments to entities that are on "warrant hold" (also called "credit hold" or "vendor hold") with the State of Texas until the causing situation is resolved and the hold is lifted.