Participate in student-led research, pursue diverse studies and explore such areas as genomics, bioinformatics, ecology, evolution and more. You will learn in the state-of-the-art facilities, which feature the most modern laboratory equipment, an Ophidian Research Colony that provides neonate snakes to research groups nationwide, a landscape ecology laboratory, and extensive supporting equipment and software.

Access Expert Research

The UT Tyler Center for Environment, Biodiversity and Conservation was established as a multidisciplinary research and education organization. The CEBC includes 19 faculty from three colleges and five departments; including research expertise in aspects of ecology, conservation genetics, genomics, landscape ecology, environmental economics, policy and regulation, hydrology, water and air pollution, and green supply chains.

Meet a Professor

Dr. Ali Azghani

Associate Professor of Biology

As a Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Ali Azghani addresses an internal health challenge by studying antimicrobial resistance in certain bacteria affecting the lungs.

  • 2017 Fulbright Scholar
  • Cell Biology and Lung Disease Researcher

Eleven of the biology faculty are actively involved in research on biodiversity and conservation biology.

Supporting Success

Recognized Faculty

Learn from faculty who are published in leading scientific journals.

Hands‑on Research

Conduct research alongside professors and get ample hands-on experience learning and using scientific methodology.

Networking Opportunities

Make connections through the UT Tyler Tri Beta Biological Honor Society.

Real‑world Experiences

Work with UT Health East Texas and learn cutting-edge medical and clinical research.

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