Communication Studies

Communication Studies

Communication is the human infrastructure of everyday personal, public, and political life. By embracing both social scientific and humanistic approaches to communication, our undergraduate program provides students with the knowledge to understand the skills to enrich human interaction in these different contexts. Our curriculum offers particular strength in the theory and practice of interpersonal communication in varying contexts, including, but not limited to, health, small group, family, business, organizational, political, and religious communication.

Customize Your Career Path

Take courses ranging in public speaking and professional communication, interpersonal communication, health communication, and organizational communication.

Meet a Professor

Ashleigh Day, Ph.D.

“Our program focuses on the art of communication, both verbal and nonverbal messages. Students learn not only to effectively inform and inspire through public speaking but also to listen and respond effectively by employing public thinking.”

Classes You'll Take

Business/Professional Communication

Explore public communication, small group communication and interviewing as they relate to the business/professional arena.

Interpersonal Communication

Complete a study of the human communication process within dyadic relationships.

Organizational Communication

Study the flow of communication within formal organizations, specifically between interpersonal, small group and mass communication.

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