English Undergraduate Program

English Undergraduate Program

UT Tyler Department of Literature and Languages

Bachelor of Arts in English

The study of English provides excellent preparation for careers in a wide variety of fields. With a firm grounding in the liberal arts, English majors are readied for any career that requires critical reading, orderly and clear thinking, and effective writing. At UT Tyler, English majors can combine their English degree with the Writing with Technology Minor to translate their literary analytical reading and writing skills to those demanded by digital data-driven job markets in the information age. See student digital projects

The Writing with Technology Minor trains students in:

  • Data Visualization and data analysis
  • Scripting and editing audio podcasts
  • Technical documentation
  • Digital and Multimodal design
  • UX and UI design

    The minor is 18 hours. Speak with a CAS advisor or Dr. Matt Kelly (mkelly@uttyler.edu) today!

The English major is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students for:

  • English teaching careers
  • Professional and technical writing
  • Graduate studies in the Humanities
  • Law school
  • Working in non-profit organizations and government sectors
    The English major is 30 hours. Speak with a CAS advisor or Dr. Ann Beebe (abeebe@uttyler.edu) today!

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