Office of Research and Scholarship

Steven Idell, MD, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President of Research and Dean of the Graduate School
Temple Chair of Pulmonary Fibrosis and Professor of Medicine
Office:  STE 311

Kouider Mokhtari, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Research and Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Anderson-Vukelja-Wright Endowed Chair
Phone: 903-566-5561
Office: STE 312

Carla Reichard, Ph.D., CPRA
Pre-Award Services
Phone: 903-565-5670
Office: STE 360

Grants & Contracts Specialist
Office: STE 360

Kay Jenkins, MS
Grant Writer
Phone: 903-566-7094
Office: STE 360

Tamela Kimbro, MBA
Research Compliance Coordinator
Phone: 903-566-6317
Office:  STE 369

Carol Wilkinson, BS
Grants & Contracts Specialist - Post-Award
Phone: 903-566-5867
Office:  STE 360

Brandon Reynolds, MBA
Economic Engagement Director / Technology Transfer
Phone: 903-565-5950