UT Tyler Center for Environment


Center for Environment, Biodiversity and Conservation

Mission Statement

The mission of CEBC is to (i) conduct multidisciplinary and collaborative research on conservation of species and biodiversity, environmental pollution, policy, and regulation, and ecosystem services, (ii) evaluate factors that are the cause of declining biodiversity, and (iii) find practical solutions to problems of vanishing biodiversity and species extinction drawing from multiple disciplines. Members of CEBC, through collaborative research and education, will proactively identify new research priorities in biodiversity and conservation, develop research programs in response to existing needs in conservation, and establish new research programs. The vision for CEBC is global because loss of biodiversity is a global problem, even if many of the activities of the center are regional, centered on the diverse species and habitats that form the natural heritage of Texas. The ultimate goal of CEBC is to provide cultural, economics, and aesthetic benefits locally, regionally, and globally.