Spring 2024 Qualitative Book Club

Spring 2024 Qualitative Book Club

Supported by ORSSP’s Research Design and Data Analysis Lab

Purpose: To read essential books on qualitative research (see Appendix), share scholarly and practical tips for conducting qualitative research, and see possibilities for future research collaborations among qualitative researchers at UT Tyler

Co-Leaders: Drs. Yonjoo Cho, Professor of the Department of HRD and Annamary Consalvo, Associate Professor of the School of Education and Qualitative Research Consultant with ORSSP 

Meeting Time: Bi-weekly meetings (see below) on Thursdays from 3:00pm-4:00pm 

Meeting Place: Zoom - The link will be provided upon registration

Book to AcquirePaulus, T, M., & Lester, J. N. (2022). Doing qualitative research in a digital world. SAGE. 
- Purchase digital book here (Sage), or here (Kindle-Amazon)
- Purchase paper copy here (Amazon)

Dates and Readings:

Date Chapters Registration
01/25/2024 Chapter 1: Introduction to doing qualitative research in a digital world (pp. 1-30) Completed
02/08/2024 Chapter 2: Qualitative research design in a digital world (pp. 31- 76) Completed
02/29/2024 Chapter 3: Integrating qualitative data analysis softward across the research process
(pp. 77-108)
03/21/2024 Chapter 4: Creating a paperless literature review process (pp. 109-137) Completed
04/04/2024 Chapter 5: Generating data from preexisting (digital) spaces (pp. 139-171) and Chapter 6: Generating data with research use of (digital) tools (pp. 171-206) Completed
04/18/2024 Chapter 7: Transcribing innovations (pp. 207-246) and Chapter 8: Managing and analyzing
data (pp. 247-292)
05/02/2024 Chapter 9: Writing and representing findings to become public scholars (pp. 293-334) and Chapter 10: Concluding thoughts on doing qualitative research in a chaotic world (pp. 335-344) REGISTER

Invitation: Please join us for any and all of the listed dates to discuss and reflect upon the chapters each of us will have read in preparation for a meaningful dialogue. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Yonjoo Cho or Annamary Consalvo.

Appendix: A List of Essential Readings on Qualitative Research

  • Braun, V., & Clarke, V. (2022). Thematic analysis: A practical guide. SAGE.
  • Charmaz, K. (2014). Constructing grounded theory (2nd ed.). SAGE.
  • Coghlan, D. (2019). Doing action research in your organization (5th ed.). SAGE. 
  • Creswell, J. W., & Poth, C. N. (2018). Qualitative inquiry and research design: Choosing among 
    five approaches
    (4th ed.). SAGE.
  • Dezin, N. K., Lincoln, Y. S., Glardina, M. D., & Cannella, G. S. (2023). The SAGE handbook of 
    qualitative research
    (6th ed.). SAGE.
  • Flick, U. (2023). An introduction to qualitative research. SAGE. 
  • Glaser, B. G., & Strauss, A. L. (1967/2008). The discovery of grounded theory: Strategies for qualitative research. AldineTransaction. 
  • Lincoln, Y. S., & Guba, E. G. (1985). Naturalistic inquiry. SAGE.
  • Merriam, S. B., & Grenier, R. S. (2019). Qualitative research in practice: Examples for discussion and analysis (2nd ed.). Jossey-Bass.
  • Merriam, S. B., & Tisdell, E. J. (2016). Qualitative research: A guide to design and implementation (4th ed.). Jossey-Bass.
  • Miles, M. B., Huberman, A. M., & Saldaña, J. (2020). Qualitative data analysis: A methods 
    (4th ed.). SAGE. 
  • Patton, M. Q. (2015). Qualitative research & evaluation methods (4th ed.). SAGE.
  • Paulus, T, M., & Lester, J. N. (2021). Doing qualitative research in a digital world. SAGE.
  • Saldaña, J. (2016). The coding manual for qualitative researchers (3rd ed.). SAGE.
  • Saunders, M. N. K., & Tosey, P. (Ed.) (2015). Handbook of research methods on human resource development. Edward Elgar. 
  • Van Manen, M. (2014). Phenomenology of practice: meaning-giving methods in 
    phenomenological research and writing.
  • Yin, R. K. (2018). Case study research and applications: Design and methods (6th ed.). SAGE.


  • A special issue on qualitative research methods for theory building in HRD (2023). Human Resource Development Review, 22(1) & 22(2).
  • A spedical issue on innovation in qualitative research in HRD. European Journal of Training and Development, 46(7/8). 
  • A special issue on templates in qualitative research (2022). Organizational Research Methods, 25(2).
  • Anderson, V. (2017). Criteria for evaluating qualitative research. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 28(2), 125-133. View Article
  • Braun, V., & Clarke, V. (2006). Using thematic analysis in psychology. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 3(2), 77-101. View Article
  • Lester, J., Cho, Y., & Lochmiller, C. (2020). Learning to do qualitative data analysis: A starting point. Human Resource Development Review, 19(1), 94-106. View Article
  • Lincoln, Y.S. & Guba, E.G. (1986). But is it rigorous? Trustworthiness and authenticity in naturalistic evaluation. Naturalistic Evaluation, 30, 73-84. View Article
  • Morse, J. M. (2009). Mixing qualitative methods. Qualitative Health Research, 19(11), 1523-1524. View Article
  • Smagorinski, P. (2008). The method section as conceptual epicenter in constructing social science research reports. Written Communication, 25(3), 389-411. View Article
  • Tracy, S.J. (2010). Qualitative quality: Eight “Big Tent” criteria for excellent qualitative research. Qualitative Inquiry, 16(10), 837-851. View Article
  • Wiles, R., Crow, G. & Pain, H. (2011). Innovation in qualitative research methods: A narrative review. Qualitative Research, 11(5), 587-604. View Article

Qualitative journals (in alphabetical order)

International Journal of Qualitative Methods, International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being, Qualitative Health Research, Qualitative Inquiry, Qualitative Research, Qualitative Research in Psychology, Qualitative Social Work, Qualitative Sociology, and The Qualitative Report

Digital: SAGE Research Methods


  • Advances in Qualitative Methods Conference
  • Asian Qualitative Research Association (AQRA)
  • Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines (CEAD)
  • European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ECQI)
  • International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ICQI)
  • International Symposium of Autoethnography and Narrative Inquiry
  • Qualitative Analysis Conference
  • Qualitative Health Research (QHR) Conference
  • Qualitative Methodsssssssss (QM) Conference
  • Qualitative Research in Sport & Exercise (QRSE) Conference

Past Recordings:

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